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sawgunner196 views2 commentssawgunner7906/19/07 at 00:05SAGGITARIUS:
Remington Model 32109 views1940's Photo of Remington Model 321 commentsDbl Auto06/19/07 at 00:03SAGGITARIUS:
Remington Trap Squad105 views1 commentsDbl Auto06/19/07 at 00:01SAGGITARIUS:
John Moses Browning3188 viewsOne of the men most responsible for the modern development of the shotgun was prolific gun designer John Browning. While working for Winchester Firearms, Browning revolutionized shotgun design. In 1887, Browning introduced the Model 1887 Lever Action Repeating Shotgun, which loaded a fresh cartridge from its internal magazine by the operation of the action lever. Before this time, most shotguns were the 'break open' type.
1880 -With the aid of his brothers, John Browning established his arms factory.
1886- Patent No. 336,287 was granted on a lever action repeating shotgun. Known as the Winchester Model 1887, it was the first successful repeating shotgun.
1890- Patent application was filed on a pump action repeating shotgun. Marketed as the Winchester Model 1898. A later take-down version was known as the Winchester Model 1897.
1900- The first of four patents were filed on the revolutionary autoloading shotgun. It would be manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in 1903 and by Remington Arms Company in 1905.
1902- A contract was signed granting FN exclusive world rights to manufacture and sell the autoloading shotgun.
1904- In the face of restrictive tariffs, FN agreed to cede to Remington the rights to manufacture and sell the autoloading shotgun in the United States.

1913- Filed patent on a pump shotgun that would be marketed as the Remington Model 17. It was John M. Browning's last repeater-type shotgun.

1923- The first of two patents were filed on the Superposed Over/Under shotgun.
1926- November 26th, John Moses Browning died of heart failure at Liege, Belgium. The great gunmaker had laid down his tools.

1 commentsshotgunworld06/18/07 at 08:41shotgunworld: 1880 -With the aid of his brothers, John Browning ...
164 views1 commentsshotgunworld06/16/07 at 10:02azbirdhunter: The marshmallow on the left looks like he gave up ...
207 views2 commentsshotgunworld06/16/07 at 10:00azbirdhunter: Hey pal, I don't think your doing any favors f...
172 views1 commentsshotgunworld06/16/07 at 09:58azbirdhunter: Good Lord, two of them fellas look like they'r...
212 views4 commentsshotgunworld06/16/07 at 09:56azbirdhunter: Is that a ponytail? Rock on!!
218 views2 commentsshotgunworld06/16/07 at 09:55azbirdhunter: Who is this guy?
md_beatt's Monte Carlo17 viewsmd_beatt's Monte Carlo1 commentsmd_beatt06/16/07 at 09:50azbirdhunter: Not too often you see one of those
125 viewsFriends oldest daughter with new puppy.1 comments01lariat06/13/07 at 11:42Rays: A picture of "True Friends"!!!!!!!!
WHats up Jed?87 views1 commentsChaco106/13/07 at 11:39Rays: Fine looking dog!!!!!!!! -Ray-
Browning Cynergy49 viewsBrowning Cynergy Sporting with 30" barrels2 commentsjph06/06/07 at 10:04Smokin_Clays101: those chokes look amazing i wish i had those diamo...
Spartan action23 viewsInteresting1 commentsLeadflyer12G06/01/07 at 15:09Clay Target Smoker: Looks like it's in the white, ready to be blue...
BPGuy's SGr346 viewsMy DeHaan SGr - 12 ga, SxS, 28" bbls, Grade IV Circassian Walnut, Skelotonized Buttplate, 05 Engraving.4 commentsBPGuy05/31/07 at 04:25Grousefeathers: One fantastic looking gun!! Thanks for the pics.
"I shoot steel shot in my Browning all the time!"64 views1 commentsA5guy05/24/07 at 13:43Jeff Mull: Home made "jug choke" nice work!
Steve's Beretta 686781 views2 commentsJungle boy05/20/07 at 04:14GearJammer: very nice....did the snap cap come with it?
'Tess' -- 100% Grouse Ridge282 views2 commentscaloosashooter05/08/07 at 12:00claysmoker: Beautiful dog and point.
ARopener79 views1 commentsshotgunworld05/03/07 at 13:06Rays: MIGHTY fine picture and a GREAT looking dog!
My Christmas present, S687 EL Gold Pigeon Sporting O/U358 viewsGun is a 12 ga has 30" Barrel with adj comb Kickeeze recoil pad and Briley Spectrum Extended Choke Tubes4 commentsClay Target Smoker05/01/07 at 14:50Kraiza: I want one..
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