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 Post subject: BPS and slugs
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:09 pm 
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Question for experts here......Browning in the FAQ web info page states the 12GA BPS which has an over bore barrel is OK with slugs using the Invecta Plus rifles slug tube, either Sabots or Foster type slugs. Anyone have any experience with the BPS, my neighbor is thinking of undoing this, add a set of Williams vent rib sights.

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 Post subject: Re: BPS and slugs
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:54 am 
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What exactly is your neighbor trying to undo? If Brownings website says it's ok, it is most likely ok. However accurately will likely suffer significantly from an over-bored barrel. What kind of slugs is he planning on using?

 Post subject: Re: BPS and slugs
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:54 pm 
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Mossy - in quotes is my response to a similar question in 2009 followed by an update.

"Here's my $0.02. My experience with both my 12 ga Browning Gold Hunter and BPS (both are smooth bore) is that they like the 2.75 Remington Slugger Foster style slugs fired through the IC choke tube. Using open sights (from Williams, not the bead on the end on the barrel) we get 2-3 inch groups at 50 yds from the bench. The Gold is chambered for 3.0 & the BPS for 3.5 hulls. The 3 inch Foster loads loads don't group as well.

I've tried many different brands but the Rem work best.

I recently bought a used 20 ga BPS and so far it doesn't seem to like any brand of slugs, yielding 6 inch groups at 50 yds."

UPDATE - Since then I've found that the Fiocchi Aero slugs also group well from the 12 ga BPS and the 20 ga BPS likes the B&P (Baschieri & Pellagri) slugs. Put Williams Slugger fiber optic sights on it. Went through lots of different slugs before I found one that it liked. B&P (Baschieri & Pellagri) 7/8 oz slug at 1410 fps. Bought a case of 100 rds when they were on sale for about $70 with free shipping.

2 inch 3 shot groups with IC choke tube at 50 yds is OK for me.

These guns, all overbored & using factory Invector Plus IC choke tubes.

Hope there's something useful in all that,

 Post subject: Re: BPS and slugs
PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:29 am 
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If money is No Object I would buy another BPS with fully rifled cantilever Barrel in 20 ga. and fire Remington Premier accutip. That's the rig I run and I recommend Burris signature Zee rings. I'm running a weaver Grand Slam 1.5-5x32 for now but I have put aside a Zeiss Terra 2-7x32 but it's so accurate right now I'm not touching it for a while. The BPS will hit a 2 liter bottle in the center Mass area at 120 yards. No it will not shoot touching groups at that range but you can pretty much hit vitals at a hundred yards easily.

When I was younger my dad would make fun of me for wanting a 20 gauge he said it was a mouse gun(sabot slugs have come a long way since then). In my adulthood I finally purchased a 20 gauge slug gun. my kills with a 260 grain 20-gauge accutip are very fast. 12 ga. Is a bit faster with dead right there. I have a model 1100 12 ga. with a Zeiss Terra and Burris signature rings and it will hit a 2.25 inch Bullseye Paster pasted on an aluminum can at 101 yards. I would have been happy with just hitting the can but I actually hit the bullseye Paster!! The 12 gauge is the most accurate rig but it is a Sentimental gun and I mainly preserve it while hunting with a 20 gauge. The Browning 20 gauge has highly acceptable accuracy. The last two rounds fired each killed a buck. One in 2015 and one in 2016. The first one took a few steps and fell over; the second one ran 25 to 30 yards and fell over. I am highly impressed with the kill power of the 20 gauge slugs of today.

I wish I would have had an opportunity to purchase some Platinum tips in 20 gauge I would have liked to try them. I bought $120 worth of partition gold but the Browning does not like them I need to post them on GunBroker or something cuz I have a lot left. I did not realize Winchester discontinued the Platinum tip I have 4 boxes of those in 12 gauge 400 grain I believe. My 12 gauge 1100 fully rifled cantilever rig liked those before I discovered accutip. For some reason unknown the Platinum tip had much sharper recoil than the Accutip with only a 15 grain heavier projectile weight.

I've tried so many Sabot slugs since 1999. Copper solids, Barnes expander, Barnes expander tipped, core loct Ultra, Platinum tip, partition gold, dual bond. I can't think of all of them in this moment. My 1100 would not even stabilize Barnes expander tipped. Keyholes. I love the BPS 20 gauge for its smaller lighter weight frame and ejection port on the bottom. It is my choice for going on the military Refuge hunts where you can have to hike through thick undergrowth. The BPS rifled Deer Hunter is probably at least a $700 gun but I scored a great deal on it brand new in the box for $569.

I love my slug guns and now Indiana just opened up Centerfire rifles. Guess what though? I will continue to use my slug guns because they are more practical in the thickets that I hunt. Where you have to actually cut limbs down to clear shooting Lanes. You can't see 100 yards in any direction. Now if I was hunting the edge of a field I would opt for 25-06 100 gr partition or Nosler ballistic tip.

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