Mossberg 695 and Slugs
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Author:  vabowhntr [ Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Mossberg 695 and Slugs

Anyone else have a Mossberg 695? I love mine with the WIN BRI slugs (about 2-2 1/2" at 100), but keep getting poor blood trails on deer. Has anyone tried the Hastings slugs in theirs? How did they shoot?

Author:  Cuda [ Wed Jan 10, 2007 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

You may want to try a better placed shot! A lot less tracking if you can group that well you should do it. I would stay with what you have and just adjust your shots. Better Shots will keep the tracking to a minimum. :roll: :roll: :roll: :wink:

Author:  jcchartboy [ Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:54 pm ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

Reports on most boards indicate that it does well with the same slugs as most bolt action rifled slugs such as the Savage 210 Browning A-bolt, and Marlin Slugmaster. The only major difference seems to be slightly less accuracy on average...and of course one hell of a report form the ported barrel.

If you are shooting at less than 75yds anything should work including the hastings. However, I must say I have never read a report by any 695 owners shooting them.

Whenever I have hunted with the 695's, (about 3-5 years ago), I used to use the Lightfields. The current owner has since used the same gun to good success with the load.


(If you have never read this article it contains a great deal of comparitive info and some ballistics comparisions for a number of bolt action slug guns including the 695. Just keep in mind the article is somewhat dated.)

Author:  vabowhntr [ Thu Jan 11, 2007 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

Well, the gun likes the hastings fairly well. Around 1"-1 1/4" CTC groups at 50yards anyway. Did not like the copper solids, 6" pattern at 50 yards. I still want to try some of the faster stuff like the Platinum Tips to see if this can be a good 125-150 yard gun. The trigger is not too bad and the accuracy seems to be there with the right slugs.

As far as the shot placement goes, I have killed 4 deer with the Win BRI's out of it with all four being lung/shoulder hits. The shoulder hit at 80 yards dropped in its tracks. The first lung/broadside hit (85 yards) ran 35 yards and fell over in open woods. Didn't see much blood. Second broadside lung hit was just behind the shoulder and just above the midpoint of the body. It was a large 8 pt in the middle of a field at 60 yards. It ran about 60 yards before falling. Couldn't find any blood in the bare field. Last one was at 30 yards quartering to. Hit in shoulder and out the far side at last rib. Again, just above midline of the body. Wasn't sure she was hit until I saw where the slug hit a pine behind her and there was a small amount of muscle tissue on the pine where the slug entered. I followed her via sight tracking through young pines for about 40 yards before I found the first and only blood. She was about 50 yards further down the trail. The hits have been solid, but perhaps a tad high for optimal blood trailing. They have all been lethal within 100 yards so I am not complaining too much, just thinking that they are not punching as big a hole in the hide as I would like. While they are 50 cal, they don't seem to be expanding much, just punching a hole through.

Author:  OneChance [ Sun Jan 14, 2007 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

I have used the 695 with platinum tips to take two deer, they worked great. The 695 is a really nice gun, but the fit a finish could be better,(the bolt and the mag were a little rough) but it is a great value at $199.00 (what my friend paid a few years ago)But hey not all of us can afford $500 to 800 for a gun we use two weeks a year.
I used this gun at the backyard range only with Hastings slug at about 60-70 yards It was right on, with decent groups.
But to tell you the truth my dad has used the BRI Wins for years with great success. But with what I have read they dont expand real well, hence no big blood trail.

Author:  jeager106 [ Mon Jan 15, 2007 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

The BRI Winchesters and Federals are plenty accurate from my USH and 870 rifled, 1" at 75 yards.
I've shot four deer with them, three dropped at the shot because the spine/neck was broken.
One small doe was hit three times, ran a hundred yards, all shots were solid hits, blood trail was quite good, but recovered slugs showed no expansion at all.
It's an accurate but rather slow bullet and quite hard and not really designed to expand.
Frankly I've not seen any better performer on game under 100 yards than the reliable 1 oz. foster.
I have recovered fosters that were flattened to over an inch.
But even the foster can be problematic.
I've had two failures to penetrate after striking large bones.
I think those shooting full bore slugs would do no better than the Dixie loads in smooth or rifled bores and Hammerheads
(hand loaded) in rifled bores.
I'm new to the Hammerhead so have no field experience with them but range results are solid with groups running 1" at 75 for 5 shots from a USH and velocities of over 1500 for the 1 1/4 oz powerhouse.
No leading from the Hammerhead, dead nuts accurate, more power than needed and the thing should not break up on bone.
My tests reveal that they should even expand well. Not that you would need expansion with a .73 cailber 1 1/4 oz bullet. :D
Sabots still leave a lot to be desired in my humble opinion.
The accuracy is not there in my 870 rifled or USH. I can get three shots out of five touching but two almost always group outside and leave me with 3" to 5" groups at 75 yards.
So why would I pay 3 bucks a shot for groups like that?
The Hammerheads can be loaded for about 1/3rd the cost and performance at the target is stellar.
The Dixie can be purchased for half the price of wonder sabots and you get the benefits of a .73 caliber bullet that will not break up on bone.
Contrary to some claims the high speed wonder sabots do not make the average 12 bore a 200 yard game getter.
So if we must stay within reasonable ranges of up to 125 to 150 yards and you want solid accuracy, what is wrong with a full bore bullet at respectable speeds with more slap'em down gee-whiz than required for the biggest buck in the woods?
If we are shooting a 12 bore then why not take advantage of the fact that we are shooting a .73 caliber RIFLE capable of hurling even gregs giant 880 grain solid at over 1100 f.p.s.?
DO NOT shoot the 880 grainer unless:
1) you are very experience at handling a heavy hitter
2) you have someone with you at all times to render first aid :shock:
3) your medical insurance is up to date
4) you are not suspectable to concussion
5) you LIKE great bit bullets! :D

I really, really, want a 550 to 600 grain hollow base, hard cast, .734" bullet to handload.
The Hammerhead comes real close to this but in a plastic wrapper called a one piece, non-discarding sabot.
I've read that some good bolt action s.g.s shoot the hi-speed sabots really well but have yet to see any posted, repeatable, good groups at the fabled 200 yard mark.

Author:  Dixie Slugs [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

Interesting! Dixie Slugs bought a Mossberg 695 (and scoped it) when testing the Dixie target load for ASSA. It sure is not a pretty gun, but very rugged. Accuracy seems very good with our full bore ammo. We have shot our various velocity loads (1050'/", 1200'/". 1300'/",and 1400'/") with our .730"-730 gr hard cast heat treated slug bullet. All shot very good......but 200 yards????
While we prefer the Remington 870 for swamp and brush hunting situations, a scope mounted Mossberg 695 would be a fine tree stand and open country gun. But, here again we question just what is acceptable field accuracy and resonable ranges? We accept the fact that a bolt action may be more accurate (scope mounted) under some situations though.
Regards, James

Author:  vabowhntr [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs


Now I know different guns may not like slugs the same, but I am interested in your slugs. Can you give me an idea how what kind of groups you were getting with the 695? I also just purchased an American Barrel Co. barrel for my 870 (1 in 26" twist), have you tried one of those?

Not looking for 200 yards, but sure would like a .73 cal rifle that could deliver a lot of energy at 100-125 with 3" accuracy.

Author:  Rangeball [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

vabowhntr wrote:
Sure would like a .73 cal rifle that could deliver a lot of energy at 100-125 with 3" accuracy.

For that goal, I'd definitely try the hastings, dixie and lightfields.

I suspect all 3 should fit the bill, with the wildcard being your fast twist rate.

Author:  Dixie Slugs [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  re: Mossberg 695 and Slugs

I'm not going to get into this 100 yard group or better stuff. We test all out loads at a measured 50 yards. All will cut cluster 3 shot (about 1" or less center to center) groups at that range.
We publish our in-house velocities from a 20" rifled barrel in 12 gauge (Hastings) and a 24" rifled barrel in 20 gauge (NEF Ultra)......not out of a 30" smoothbore pressure gun. We were using the scoped Mossberg for testing our target load and got much better groups than were tested elsewhere.
I think the Mossberg 695 (as ugly as it is) has all the potential accuracy that the large majority of shooters can shoot! Nor am I going to get into this 200 yard, or better, thing.
Regards, James

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