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 Post subject: Browning Shotgun Actions
PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:44 am 
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Hi, Im Joe from Sarasota... I am a new victim to the 725 Failure to Fire FTF club. The failures are NOT due to light hits on the primer, rather the TRIGGER mechanism fails to engage... I am learning , or trying to learn the trigger mechanism but information is not available... or at least I can't find it... There is a lot of information on firing pin removal and cleaning, but usually the trigger mechanism is not involved, and for that process does not have to be... I am going to try to make this a one stop thread that will save you some travel or searching... Here we go...

The three brownings that I am addressing are the citori kinetic , citori 725, and cynergy.
The older citori needs to have a shot fired to have the second shell to go off... the 725 and cynergy are suppose to be MECHANICAL, but NEITHER is truly mechanical, although you can fire an unloaded gun all day and have BOTH triggers go off... On the field with live rounds the story is different. ... citori.pdf

OLDER Citori - most people know that the gun is kinetic. For those that want to shoot tubes know that an action job has to be done to allow liter shells activate the second round... The PARTS listing shows:
REf Part No
39 B1334272 INERTIA BLOCK, 12 11.00
39 * B1337233 INERTIA BLOCK, 12, 525 / 625 25.75
39 * B1337266 INERTIA BLOCK, 12, XS PRO-COMP ONLY 28.25
39 B1334273 INERTIA BLOCK, 16-20-28-410 11.00

Notice the block is called an INERTIA BLOCK, hence implied kinetic requirement... AND here are alternate choices for 16 thru -410.

725 and cynergy parts reference- ... ri-725.pdf ... ynergy.pdf

Notice for the Cynergy the following parts:
38 * B1331038 INERTIA MASS, 12 15.75
38 * B1331134 INERTIA MASS, 20-28-410 15.75

Why would a MECHANICAL trigger have an INERTIA MASS ... something?

The 725 story- First browning will tell you the trigger IS mechanical but there are kinetic aspects to the action. In the above parts list the inertia block is NOW called the BLOCK... and there is an additional part- the DISCONNECTOR... Also for those who ask are there GEN 2 parts, there ARE. A A BRowning tech, I spoke to one personally, told me there is no such thing... THERE IS...

12 * B133800018 DISCONNECTOR 8.00
12 * B133800055 DISCONNECTOR, GEN 2 8.00
46 B133800024 MAINSPRING $2.00
46 B133800054 MAINSPRING, GEN 2 2.00

The GEN2 spring has a bulge in the middle... I believe the above video is a gen1 disconnector as mine has more mass routered out...

HOPE this helps....

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