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 Post subject: Comments about "Pros" and rec's for a pro tour (tic)
PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:45 am 
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I posted this on partly to respond but also to get stuff off my chest-- there have been several posted in the last weeks inferring that sponsorships (which are way fewer and way less than urban legend says), that the top shots steal targets among other things so I took the shotgun approach at blasted all in on shot(post)

I DO KNOW this -if you think Ray (or most of the other top shots Sean, Ricky, Harlan, Freddie, Pat etc etc )cannot or will not shoot in the wind and that it is because he/they cannot hit them in the wind I have got this wager I will offer.

Anyone of you keyboard All Americans can pick your shooter (not part of the top tier) and put them up for a wind match. Come to Cheyenne for the match, it is known to be windy, and shoot a standard 1 day 300 target format i.e. 100 16's, 100 handicap, 100 doubles. At the end of the 300 targets the top shot is going to win. PERIOD. Ray is probably over the hill at 70 years of age so he ought to be an easy mark for you all to take out.

I am tired of hearing about the top shots skipping shoots because of wind, stealing targets that they didn't hit, or only being better because they are sponsored and all the other excuses shooters make because they are jealous but, don't want to do anything to get better themselves. It is easier to blame everyone else for our shortcoming's than it is to look our selves in the mirror and admit that we just got our a$$ kicked by someone that is better and works harder.

They are better because they are better. They are better because they work harder. I give clinics all over the country and run into shooters that have the potential but don't ever expend the effort. True there are some that have circumstances that keep them from making it but most don't.

We have a new group of kids coming up and they are going to be even better which, is going to make boards like this go crazy because those that cannot shoot are going to be even further behind the curve. The best get better and the rest stay the same---- so the gap widens.

If you want a pro event to get rid of all those no good thief's (pro's) how about this for a method to fund the pro tour. The ATA will add a special pro tour fee of $5.00 to every 100 registered target shot. Depending on how you do the math that would build a pot of 1.5 to 2.5 million dollars per year to get rid of to these stealing bums (the Pro's) . This assumes that the EC wouldn't take lord know what cut as their commission for being the facilitator.

Additionally, when there is big bucks at stake all of a sudden you can television interested. I would love to see a pro-tour on TV but, the ATA probably doesn't care about that since it doesn't make them any "obvious" money.

It should be easily worth a measly $5 per 100 to get rid of the Pro's and save all the good stuff for the regular good guys.

 Post subject: Re: Comments about "Pros" and rec's for a pro tour (tic)
PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:47 am 
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Shooting Instructor

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Only "pro" I ever wanted to get rid of was big LEO ! Never met a nicer guy. We laughed and joked--then he beat me in a shoot off like a $2 drum ! It was pouring rain and gusty wind--it bothered him not at all. I couldn't hit the ground with my hat !

Phil---we have a mutual friend. Dean DeBow and I go WAY back . I remember when he was a kid running around at the club in Hoptown.

Liberals love America like a tick loves a hound.

 Post subject: Re: Comments about "Pros" and rec's for a pro tour (tic)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:28 pm 
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No comment based on previous postings.

It has been a long time since any comments were entered here.

Phil Kiner is an excellent instructor.
What can we do to get conversations going on this board/forum?
It seems like the trapshooting forum is pretty quiet but I know that
I'd like to see conversations to help us all improve.

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