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 Post subject: reloading Rio 28 ga hulls?
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:39 pm 
Crown Grade

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Harvo wrote:
Does anybody have any experience reloading Rio 28 ga hulls?

Harvo, there are those amongst us who choose to reload these (and other straight-walled)hulls; however; many others eschew them, entirely. God Bless America. No doubt the Win HS huls are the absolute best and Rems 2nd but, if you are lucky enough to have an unlimited supply of any hull, go with it.

I have had my best success reloading the straight-walled 28ga hulls thus far with the Gualandi-mfr'ed *original* Sporting-28 wad wad from Ballistic Products, Inc.

More, here: ... o/072SG28/

Most report excellent results with the HS wads, either OEM Win or the CB equivalent. I'll get around to trying those someday but for now, the G-28 is the ticket for me!If you're getting dished crimps, try lowering your pre-crimp (sometimes drastically), backing off the wad seating pressure and also playing with the cam-adjustment over your final crimp. These hulls are good candidates for the 'bulkier' 28ga powders and I typically use Unique, Universal and/or Solo 1250 which, I understand is no longer available, new. Bummer.

I am currently loading 5/8oz loads in these roomy hulls so, ya gotta be able to load 3/4oz. just a matter of getting your press adjustments 'right.'

What press and what powder are you using, btw?

Lastly, do a search as, lots of tips regarding relaoding these hulls have been shared by the others but, it is just isn't realistic for many of them to be able to repeat (re-type / re-post)their experiences (and tips) every single time the topic is resurrected. I used to and still do hate being reminded to "do a search" but, in this instance, I am confident it will mean pay-dirt for you.

Best o' success!

PS - any questions, please feel free to post HERE. I'm on a handheld and its d*mn near impossible for me to reply to PM's for forseeable future. Besides, you never know who else has the same or similar questions but, hasn't yet posted them!

 Post subject: Re: reloading Rio 28 ga hulls?
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:59 pm 
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Thanks very much for the information.
I am using a MEC Grabber, recently acquired. The load is the Rio hull, 12.5 Unique, 3/4 ounce shot, and the CB 1034-28 wad, although I have found the 5034-28 wad to be a tighter (better) fit. I am not adverse to readjusting the machine using your advice.

Regarding the suggestion to use the BP Sporting 28 wad, they also offer a sporting 28-II, and there is a Federal 28S1 available too. Do you have any experience with either of these?

 Post subject: Re: reloading Rio 28 ga hulls?
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:17 pm 
Crown Grade

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The Rio shells have larger primer pocket holes so,if you don't use a primer pocket sealer,look out for
powder spills and missing primers.If you use Rio primers, you are ok.

 Post subject: Re: reloading Rio 28 ga hulls?
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:53 pm 
Crown Grade
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I'll save you some searching hassle and cut & paste a post I made in 2010:

Lyman's 5th has the following recipe for Fio 28ga (which load just like RIOs):

Fiocchi 28ga
3/4oz lead shot
PT28 wad
Fio 616 primer
14.0gr Herco

When rumors came out about Remington discontinuing the PT28, I emailed Alliant and asked if the Claybuster AAHS wad clone could be used in this recipe. They said with that powder charge it is perfectly fine.

(Incidentally, the rumors about the PT28 were partially true--they discontinued that wad in favor of the PT28S--same wad only stitched).

If you're shooting these in a tubeset, be aware that the thin metal heads swell and stick!

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