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 Post subject: Rio 28 ga. shells,are they good for reloading?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:40 pm 
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A local dealer is selling Rio 28 ga. shells for $55.00 per flat. Are these hulls good for reloading?



 Post subject: Re: Rio 28 ga. shells,are they good for reloading?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:53 pm 
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Not worth it, and if you have subgauge tubes, they'll probably stick. One reload if your really lucky. Buy STS or AA and send in the rebate.

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 Post subject: Re: Rio 28 ga. shells,are they good for reloading?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:25 pm 
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I get 4 to 5 reloads out of mine easily, using Gualandi SG-28 wads (the original). Currently using 13.5 - 14.0 grains of Solo 1250 or Unique to push 5/8oz for backyard skeet, etc. Same goes for Fiocchis, PMC, Estates and other straight-walled hulls. Disclaimer: I have never had or used sub-ga tubes.

You'll find Alliant maintains 3/4oz 28ga recipes for Federal and Cheditte and I use those, often reducing the paylaod to either 11/16 and especially 5/8oz (without fillers -- its all in using the right wad!)

I was struggling with a single stage but, once I went to a 9000 with its resizer and final crimp die, I have not looked back!

Friends I shoot with use Winchester HS wads in the RIO 28ga hulls to great effect on some very serious sporting clays courses, pushing 3/4oz with Unique and Longshot but, I'm sitting on quite a few cases of the Gualandis so, it'll be awhile before I take up the HS wads. You can do a search here, also; this is a perennial question and quite a few have actually contributed to it. Still, it is always amusing to read the negative anecdotes by members who apparently have never actually reloaded the things +/or quite obviously didn't succeed where others have.

Are they "the best" (definitively)? Of course not. The Winchester 28ga AA HS hulls are the best IMO (except the ones on which the brass head splits after 1-2 firings. Go figure. I've never had the brass on any RIO or PMC split, even after 6 firings. Go figger.)

Are RIO's (or other straight-walled hulls) "good"? That is a subjective conclusion you'll have to make but, in doing so, get enough opinions that you can sort out the empirical from the anecdotal.

Best o' success!

Here is some of the info from earlier posts on this, by members with actual experience:

>From: "Dave
>To: "thor sen"
>Subject: 28 gauge loading data
>Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 17:14:02 -0500

Happy New Year to you also. I enjoyed hearing from you. Here is the reloading data I acquired from Hodgdon. Hope that it helps.

Use the Fiocchi 616 primer in all of the following data and the Gualandi 2838 wad and 3/4 oz. shot.

28 gauge Cheddite, Rio, Gamebore, Fiocchi (all except the Fiocchi are made by Cheddite)

Hodgdon Universal 14.3 gr. -1200 fps.
Hodgdon Universal 14.7 gr. -1225 fps.

Hodgdon Longshot 16.0 gr. 1250 fps. (This is the load I used for pheasant because I didn't have any Universal)

Hodgdon Longshot 16.5 gr. 1275 fps.

I would like to have tried the Universal, but I have so many other powders that I didn't want to go out and buy another one right now before using some of the others up. If you would, let me know how the data I gave you worked for you. Happy reloading !!!!!!!!!!!! I wish 28' s weren't so expensive to shoot. I have a friend who had a Spanish double 28 gauge custom made for him, and he used it pheasant hunting this year. He used some of the loads I listed for you, and he had really had good luck. The only concern I have is that I wish more of the shot was inside the wad.

If you discover any other loads with the Gualandi wads let me know also - OK?

More data here: ... q=&f=false

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 Post subject: Re: Rio 28 ga. shells,are they good for reloading?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:26 pm 
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They are no bargain as they are only good for maybe 2 reloads before trashing them. They work ok in 28 ga. guns, but are prone to stick in sub-gauge tubes. Not good.

Stick with AA HS cases and you will be far better off. They work well with Claybuster HS wads and Unique, or Universal or Alliant's 20/28, and last for many reloads.



 Post subject: Re: Rio 28 ga. shells,are they good for reloading?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:35 pm 
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Reloading Expert
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I'm not so sure the RIOs, Kent, Gamebore, UMC, etc, etc are all made by Cheddite. I load quite a few 28 ga Cheddites that were loaded in the old Texan Estate location before Federal bought them out and the Canadian Challenger hulls. Far, far better hull than any of the other Eurotrash hulls. I know that RIO says that all thier hulls are Cheddites and maybe they are? If so there is quite a difference in Cheddite hulls. One could say since General Motors makes both Cadillac and at one time the cheapo Saturn, they were the same since GM made them both. Lots of them are Spanish EEU hulls. Similar to Cheddites, but way poorer quality than the ones used by Estate and Challenger.

DLM is correct and I won't stoop over to pick up anything from Rio, Kemen, Gamebore, PMC, Fiocchi, UMC, etc, etc. A bigger hullaholic, and especially with 28ga and .410s, you'll hard pressed to find!

If all you want is one or two shots, fine, do it, If you want to get your money's worth, get the AAHSs. Indeed there are stories, and with a fair amount of truth to them too, about split heads on some AAHSs. That is an anomaly, not the rule. Having good luck with the Eurotrash hulls is the anomaly, not the rule.

I don't shoot any of my Cheddite Estate or Challengers in my Briley tubes either, just in my B. Rizzini and Model 12. I'll bet some of my Estate Cheddites have been loaded close to 10 times with no problem. If they didn't stick in my tube set I'd rate them as good as the AAHSs, but they do, they have steel heads. High "brass" heads, but steel just the same.


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