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 Post subject: 7/8 Oz. International Trap Loads
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 1:32 pm 
Hello Folks! I hope some of you "gurus" can answer some of these questions.... Thanks in advance!

I am finally getting one!!! Yes! That's right! A SPOLAR! I have reloaded in the past (MEC Grabber) with good results, but haven't done so in about 10 years.

My main goal will be to set up the loader for 24 Gram 12Ga. loads in the 1350-1380 FPS range. Here is what I know so far:

Clays Powder is KING (or so some say), what do you think? Windjammer wads are a good choice for 7/8 oz. loads? The Winchester 209 primer and the Cheddite 209 primer are interchangeable and it could be that the Cheddite primer fits better the Fiocchi style hulls, because they are a tad oversized? So can I interchange this 2 primers in recipes? I will most likely be using Fiocchi style hulls or Rio hulls, does anybody know what data I can use?

Finally what 7/8 oz. recipes would you guys recommend?

Thanks again!

 Post subject: Re: 7/8 Oz. International Trap Loads
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 2:31 pm 
Shotgun Expert
Shotgun Expert

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My favorite is 22.5 grains of Solo 1000, W209, Rem TGT wad with 24 grams of shot in a Remington Game load hull, it is just over 1400 fps at this altitude (3700') and 7900 psi, take off from 40-50 fps at sea level.

Personally, I don't like fast, light shells in a straight walled hull, but is just an opinion, and use any of the proper propellants with any fitting wad in any case with any primer of those listed on any website------and they will still break a target

And you didn't ask this either, but I would go for the grabber again and make a mountain of reloads for the cost difference, there will be NO difference in shell performance with it.

The best, fastest, lowest pressure International load I ever tested was using PB powder, but it isn't in a book so I won't bother you with it :roll: :wink:


 Post subject: Re: 7/8 Oz. International Trap Loads
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 2:41 pm 
Crown Grade

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I like the WAA12L (gray) wads for 7/8oz.

 Post subject: Re: 7/8 Oz. International Trap Loads
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 3:23 pm 
Thanks for the input Texas, what is a PB wad? and even though it is not published could you share with me that recipe you like so much....

 Post subject: Re: 7/8 Oz. International Trap Loads
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:44 pm 
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You're right about the two primers. I've interchanged them freely with no ill effects.

I've shot plenty of factory Rio shells but have never reloaded them

Fiocchi's are a different matter, though. Try 22.0grns. of Greendot with a Federal 12SO. This nestles the entire shot charge and usually provides much better patterns then the standard 7/8oz. wad offerings. This load is a little over 1300fps. A slower burning powder also provides a bit of relief in terms of felt recoil. I'd shy away from fast powders like Clays or Solo 1000. At the velocity levels you're looking at, even with a light 7/8oz. shot charge, the recoil starts to add up.

My experience shows that velocity much over 1200fps starts to erode the pattern unless good plated shot is used. I've had just as much success with loads using hard unplated shot as long as that 1200fps mark was kept in range.

My favorite 7/8oz. load consists of the following:

Remington STS hull
Cheddite primer
19.5grns. Greendot
Duster green wad
7/8oz. West Coast 8's
1225fps - 28" barrel

I've used this with complete success for trap, bunker trap, skeet, SC's. etc. The shot charge is fully engulfed by the 1oz. wad and patterns much better then with, say, a WW12L or it's CB counterpart. Plus it's easier to fit everything into the hull when working with heavier powder charges.

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