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 Post subject: Kudos to Benelli/Beretta customer service...
PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:11 pm 
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I called them last Thursday to see what they could do to repair or replace the forearm cap assembly on my 20 gauge Franchi Affinity. The retaining clip or ring broke, thus the sling stud fell out. It was the piece that held the swivel stud in place. The part was defective on some of the earlier guns. Anyway, I talked to a very nice gentleman who knew exactly what I needed. He told me they were awaiting a shipment of parts from Italy, and upon receipt they would get the part out to me ASAP.

Postman just dropped the mail off and included was a large foamed envelope from Accokeek, MD. In it, my complete new forearm cap assembly!! Now that's what I call service. Nice thing about the new Franchi shotguns, they come with a bumper to bumper 7 year warranty!!

Just thought I'd pass it on...

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 Post subject: Re: Kudos to Benelli/Beretta customer service...
PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:56 am 
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My Benelli experience was the absolute opposite.

Sorry for the long post....

I purchased a Benelli Supernova Tactical Shotgun back in 2012 after returning from an overseas deployment. I chose the Benelli because it had some great features and supposedly they're quality is outstanding.

Well the first issue came right out of the box. The pump action seemed a bit too rough but I figured it would smooth out after break in. After handling a brand new Nova pump and comparing it to my Supernova I realized something was wrong with mine. The fore end was somehow bent in the areas were the receiver is encompassed within the fore end while the gun is pumped. I lightly sanded the inside of the fore grip and smooth as butter good to go.

Then while disassembling the gun to clean it, the owners manual says to use the nipple on the end of the magazine cap screw to push out the pins holding the trigger group. Awesome that I don't need to hunt for a pick or a punch. Well the problem comes when the nipple breaks right off the magazine cap the first time you try to do exactly what the owners manual says to do. Not a big deal but kind of stupid that doing exactly what the owners manual says causes damage to the gun.

Then the big problem, the gun doesn't cycle. Has a terrible issue where the shell being fed jams up near the extractor cut at the chamber. So I contact Benelli and send the gun back for warranty. I wait the standard few weeks and the gun is returned with the barrel having been reamed to fix the problem. I eagerly get to the gun range to slay some targets with this beast! Only to find that the feed problem persists.

I call Benelli and send the gun back a second time, a second time for the same problem. I send back my $500 pump shotgun for a second time to have the same problem fixed. Mind you that I'm mailing it back on my dime. Well in a few weeks the gun returns to my doorstep and I am pumped! (see my pun?) I open the box and read the letter advising as to what they did. The letter states that they inspected the gun and everything was in spec and there should be no issue. Not sure why that took a few weeks for them to do absolutely nothing but okay great.

So needless to say I'm confident the gun is still going to be a jam-o-matic. The gun finds its way to the back of the collection and is never shot because well, lets be honest, ain't nobody got time for that jam life.

So late in 2017 I get the hankering to slay some targets with this thing. I also start bending the ear of my fellow firearms instructor at my Police department about replacing our ever aging 870's. A trip to the range is in order. I break out the Supernova Tactical and oh my what a jam-o-matic. It should come as no surprise that it has the same problem. The. Same. Exact. Problem.

So I call Benelli and explain the situation, asking if there's something I can do to remedy this on my own. The problem is with multiple brands of shells, and multiple lengths of shells. (although a pump gun shouldn't choke on anything!)

I decide to try figuring something out on my own, I swap the barrel from a regular field style Nova onto my tactical model. The gun runs like a champ! Not sure why a gunsmith at Benelli couldn't try that one of the two times I mailed it to them. But hey here we are.

So I call Benelli and let them know what I figured out. They refuse to just send me a replacement barrel and are only willing to make a repair if I send them the entire gun. Understandable. So I point out that I'm sick of paying to mail this back time after time for the same issue. I'm able to convince them to provide me a prepaid shipping label, something I shouldn't have needed to even ask for.

So I watch the UPS tracking and see when the gun is delivered. I call and talk to the lead gunsmith and explain the issues I'm having. I inquire about upgrading to a different gun and paying the difference in price as I'm not confident this gun will ever be fixed. The lead gunsmith tells me that he will have someone in sales contact me by the end of the next day to discuss my options.

Well that person doesn't call me. So I wait a few days and leave the lead gunsmith a message. No return call, I leave another message. I call the customer service number and talk to a real person who says he'll pass on the message and have the lead gunsmith or the sales lady call me. Another week goes by and surprise surprise I've yet to hear from anyone.

Today I sent an email using Benelli's website.

I don't know how company so big, that charges so much for a shotgun can make such a terrible product and have such terrible customer service. I mean non-existent customer service.

On a side note years ago I had a warranty issue (actually several) with Mossberg. My gun was promptly repaired and returned. Mossberg even just sent me parts once to fix a gun on my own since it was just the action bar that needed replaced.

I have no idea why Benelli guns cost so much, but it doesn't matter since I surely won't be buying one in the future. Nor any other product associated with Benelli such as, Stoeger, Franchi, Beretta.

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