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B&P Sporting and Competition 2000 Shells

Jay Gentry

Recently a friend and I got a chance to try out the B&P Sporting shells, as well as the Competition 2000 shells, at the trap range. The shells themselves looked to be very well constructed. Both types having   thick hulls and shiny polished brass. My friend claims that's  how I pick out my guns. In his words "I pick the 'shiny' ones". We next noticed that the crimp was only a 6 point instead of the more popular 8 point. Turning the shell over we also noticed a plastic ring around the primer rather than the standard brass. B&P has a reason for doing this. It's called the 'Gordon System' and you can impress your buddies by reading about it .  These last two points are probably only important to the reloader. It's rumored that the shells are only good for one or two reloads. In comparison, it's common to reload the Winchester AA shells eight or more times. We got our four boxes for free (running a shotgun web site is cool), so we didn't really care.

Next it was time to put them to the ultimate test of seeing how they cycled through my normally picky Mossberg 500. If I can chamber and eject a box of shells with no jams then I'm satisfied with the dimensions of the shells (we're very scientific). I can happily report that no jams were experienced.

How did they shoot? Very fast. The Sporting and the Competition 2000 shells really jumped out and smoked the clays. Well, my friend smoked a lot of the clays. Mine just seemed to knock chips off. I suspect that his box, though packaged identically, was 'hotter' than mine. He might have a different story, but he's not writing this article is he?

My two cents?  I'm not sure that my shoulder would want me to shoot 1000 rounds of these at once, but for the average shooter or dove hunter it shouldn't be a problem. If not for the reloading issue I would have given these shells a rating of 'Doubled', but instead can only say that B&P 'Smoked 'em'.
(ed. note: See complex scientific rating in the right hand column.)

copyright 2000 Shotgunworld

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Shotgunworld Rating System

Missed it = poor
Chipped 'em =  average
Smoked 'em = good
Doubled = very good
Doubles set to wobble and I smoked 'em from the 27 yard mark  (DWS27) = Dang, this thing is unbelievable!

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