Browning SXS BSS B-SS Stock Removal from Action
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Author:  mcgill [ Wed Apr 21, 2021 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Browning SXS BSS B-SS Stock Removal from Action

What are the steps for removing the buttstock for Browning SXS BSS?
I removed the trigger guard and the recoil pad.
Do I need to remove the trigger plate screws next?
or just the Stock Bolt.
The stock bolt feels like it may be rusted in place.

Author:  icyclefar [ Fri Apr 23, 2021 10:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Browning SXS BSS B-SS Stock Removal from Action

I think you've got it, the trigger guard screw must be removed because its in the wood stock, find yourself a large screwdriver with wrench flats (or a square shaft) and you should be able to work it loose with the help of a wrench.

Author:  mcgill [ Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Browning SXS BSS B-SS Stock Removal from Action

Thank you for the response. I was proceeding cautiously as I found no directions for this level of disassembly. I found many claims that Browning BSS disassembly was exactly like "…". And of course that is not the case.


A. After having made certain there is no shell in either chamber and with the action closed, anchor the gun’s butt stock against the upper leg and pull the takedown lever latch outward. At the same time, grasp the forearm and with the help of the left hand pivot the forearm away from the barrels.
B. Break the gun in the usual manner. Carefully disengage the barrel lug from the hinge pin and lift the barrel upward out of the action. Set the forearm aside. The barrels can be set aside as well. The buttstock and receiver remain attached at this step. The shotgun is separated into three major typical pieces, the barrels, the forearm assembly, and the receiver/trigger assembly and buttstock.
Use specialized screwdrivers that perfectly fit the very thin external Browning screw heads.
C. Remove the trigger guard screw. Carefully lift the rear of the trigger guard where screw was removed.
Lift trigger guard just enough to clear and not scratch wood or metal.
Rotate trigger 90 degrees on the front connection point. Guard will lift out. Set aside.
D. Remove recoil pad. Precise removal may depend on which pad is installed. Typically insert Philips head #2 screwdriver into each of the holes in pad and unscrew. Pad can then be removed.
E. Stock is attached to receiver by the trigger guard and a long stock bolt screw. [Unlike most pump and semiauto shotguns configured with a forearm and buttstock, many double barrel shotguns do not have stock bolts, such as many (perhaps most/all) boxlock types. Removal of the stock on these other types first requires additional removal of screw(s) on the receiver.] The Browning BSS does indeed have a stock bolt. Insert a long slotted screwdriver into the stock and turn counter clockwise to remove. If the stock bolt screw offers a lot of resistance, additional torque may be required but should not generally be required beyond hand strength. If resistance is encountered, first seek help from some penetrating oil, such as PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench. To apply penetrating oil, turn the stock upside down, securely leaning at a slight angle such that the buttstock is upward. Spray / apply the penetrating oil into the buttstock directed at the stock screw head. Oil will likely seep past the stock into the receiver area, so protect the work area below. Allow this to sit for the appropriate time. A few hours would be ideal. Attempt the removal again. If not successful, it may require repeating a few more times with longer time for oil to penetrate. [If still not successful other issues and methods should be investigated. Otherwise,] the stock screw should now be removable with the slotted screwdriver and minimal hand torque. As the stock bolt comes out, the stock and receiver may separate without any pulling effort. Be careful to protect both separating parts; the stock and receiver. Do not allow them to fall off the work bench. If need gentle pull the stock from the receiver. Do not twist or damage the wood. Now the stock and receiver (with trigger group) are separated. Set them aside.
F. To remove the forearm stock from the forearm bracket and takedown bracket (i.e. the metal parts of the forearm), first using the specialized screwdrivers, remove the two visible screws that connect the forearm bracket to the takedown bracket. Now to separate the two brackets, one on each side of the forearm stock, engage (pull on) the takedown bracket lever. While holding this lever open, the forearm bracket should be removable with slight pressure to pull it off the forearm. Now only the takedown bracket remains inserted in the forearm cutout. From the opposite side of the takedown bracket, where the forearm bracket was located, using a non-marring tool, carefully and lightly tap the takedown bracket to send it off the forearm. Be careful not to scratch any metal or wood.
Now the forearm is separated into three pieces plus the two screws.
G. At this stage the firearm parts should be separated as follows: 1) the receiver and all parts, including trigger components; 2) the trigger guard and trigger guard screw; 3) the barrels; 4) the buttstock, and the stock bolt with two washers (one flat and one lock); 5) the recoil pad and two screws; 6) the forearm stock; 7) the forearm bracket and two screws; and 8) the forearm takedown bracket.

Author:  Riflemeister [ Sat Apr 24, 2021 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Browning SXS BSS B-SS Stock Removal from Action

One sure way of seeing how the stock is attached on a SXS is to remove the pad and shine your mag light down the hole. If you see a hex head or cross slot bolt looking back at you, you have your answer, it has a through bolt holding the stock on. Some SXS's don't even have a hole under the pad and on those you definitely need to remove the bottom plate to release the stock. As for the trigger guard, some newer model SXS's utilize coils springs and don't have a removable trigger guard, but are easily recognized because there is no trigger guard tang with a screw head in it. If there is a screw head in the tang, it goes into the buttstock wood and must be removed before removing the stock.

Author:  mcgill [ Sat Apr 24, 2021 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Browning SXS BSS B-SS Stock Removal from Action

Thanks for the insight.
Next step is too troubleshoot the cocking levers. Guessing that the side not functioning needs a spring replaced. So far couldn't find any instructions for disassembly of the receiver, but I do have a schematic.

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