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 Post subject: MEC 9000G or MEC 650...also what's a new guy need for this?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2003 11:39 pm 
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I've recently gotten into shooting skeet and plan to hunt once my dog gets the idea on his part of the deal. The cost of buying new shells is almost crippling me. Well it limits me to 2 rounds every two weeks. Even at the mere 15 cents a shot from a good Wal-Mart deal. I'm looking at $15.50 for 2 rounds of skeet. If it's matters I'm using a Berretta 391 Xtrema.

What I'm trying to do right now is figure out the major difference between the MEC 9000g ($295) and MEC 650 ($172). Besides the box loader on 9000G how can I justify the extra $120? Or do I need to?

Also, what do I need to start from scratch? Hulls, wads, shot, powder, primer...what else?



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(4/7/03 6:42:28 pm)
Re: MEC 9000G or MEC 650...also what's a new guy need for th
Hmmm...I started with a used $40 MEC 600 Jr. Bought one case of shells and loaded them about 8 times before I bought a second case...

The larger bulk quantity purchases will yield a lower cost per box for your reloads, and light loads will stretch the supplies (powder and shot) just a little.

Can't do without a scale. It's a safety issue.

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(4/8/03 6:36:03 am)
Reply Re: MEC 9000G or MEC 650...also what's a new guy need for th
Might as well add a loading manual-or at least a book from the powder manufacturers like Hodgdon-to your "should have" list. It sounds like the 650 would be a good investment for you. There are a lot of them out there that have served well over many years, and unless you are going to load a lot more shells than you indicate it will be more than adequate. You need to be aware, however, that you are not going to be saving much-if any- money if you can buy cheapie shells for around $2.75 to $3.00 per box.

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(4/8/03 10:25:51 am)
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Thanks for your replies. I’m going to go with the MEC 650.

Now the scale you mention, I was under the impression that the progressive loaders did all of the measuring for you. Or is the scale just for quality control?

Right now the cheapest I can find shells is $16.05 for 100. That’s about $3.20 for a box of 20 (Winchester 2 3/4, no 8 shot with aluminum low brass). Not bad, but nowhere near good. I’d prefer no 9 hard lead shot. If I can do that for roughly $3 a box then I’m happy.

That’s not even including the money I’d be saving for duck hunting with non-toxics.

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(4/8/03 3:15:37 pm)
Re: Thanks
Most, if not all, reloaders measure powder by volume, not by weight. The 650 uses standard MEC powder busings to drop a pre-measured volume of powder. You will have to weigh the powder to determine the proper powder bushing to drop the desired weight of powder... Weight is the accepted method to measure powder.

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(4/9/03 6:40:55 am)
Reply Re: Thanks
Drop down to the post about Mec charge bars and bushings on this deals with this in more detail. Just don't let it discourage you from giving reloading a try.
I buy my supplies in quantity and end up with around $2.75 per box of quality reloads when I take into account the cost allowance for hulls. If you can get hulls for free then this will be a little less.

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