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Author:  Win50 [ Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thoughts on this recipe

Cheddite primers are kind of a mixed bag, as you can probably detect, so I've just avoided them. I generally just stick to Winchesters as an all-around solution.

A CB1078 or CB1100 wad will get you a better seal in a GC hull, and then it's a matter of picking a powder. I generally like ClayDot for 12g, but Promo would work, among others mentioned.

Bottom line is there are lots of ways to push shot out of a barrel. As long as you stay under the max pressure, the rest is really personal preference and component availability.

Author:  Pickman [ Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thoughts on this recipe

Certainly there is no issue of danger with the load given by the OP but I agree it is not optimal. The CB-4100 is a very low pressure wad and that combined with Green Dot should not present any safety issues. However, that combination will not burn very cleanly and efficiently. I have loaded a bunch of CB-4100's but usually with 7/8 oz and I typically use Titewad, which is a significantly faster burning powder. Even then I need to load fairly fast loads if I want to keep the pressure up and get a cleaner burn.

For me, using Cheddite primers comes down to the gun you're shooting. I don't think there is any question that in some guns they pierce more often than other primers. If you have a gun that is prone to piercing them you might want to stay away from them. If you have a gun that pierces them but it is cheap and easy to replace the firing pins it might not be such a big deal. I can replace the firing pins on my Citori (and variants) for less than $10 each with less than a half hour's work.

I don't usually load with Cheddites but I don't worry about it when I do because it is no big deal to replace the firing pins if they get severely pitted. On the other hand, a friend gave me nearly a full case of Cheddite primers because his Italian shotgun pierced them with regularity and replacing the firing pins cost several hundred dollars and weeks, if not months, in the hands of a gunsmith (they were not user replaceable). It was more cost effective to give the primers away and go to a brand his gun does not pierce than to finish out the case.

These days, Cheddites are one of the most readily available and least expensive primers in my area. Given the current political and societal climate, availability and price may become more significant issues in the days to come.

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