Airline Firearm Rules
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Author:  shotgunworld [ Fri Jul 29, 2005 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Airline Firearm Rules

From the Transportation Security Administration, July 2, 2004:

"Passengers transporting guns must carry them unloaded, in a locked,
hard-sided container, and must declare them to the airline at the
ticket counter. Then, they can be placed with checked baggage.
Ammunition must also be placed in checked baggage." ... 19800b4e21

The airlines seem to have similar policies.

From Delta:

"Firearms (accepted if unloaded, declared to agent at check-in, and in
a suitable container in checked luggage)" ... /index.jsp

From United:
Federal regulations require that firearms in checked baggage or in
their own shipping case be unloaded and declared. Firearms are not
allowed in carry-on bags. Firearms in checked baggage must be packed
in a locked hard-sided bag or gun case. A maximum of 11 lbs. of small
arms ammunition is allowed in checked luggage in the original
manufacturer's box or securely packed in a fiber, wood, or metal box
to prevent movement of cartridges. ",6722,1035,00.html

From Northwest:

"Northwest accepts handguns/BB guns/rifle/shotgun type firearms as
checked luggage, with certain limitations and requirements. KLM
accepts sports guns only; handguns are not permitted.
Passengers must obtain and comply with regulations governing the
transportation of firearms for all countries on the itinerary.
All firearms must be in a suitable container/crush proof container
manufactured specifically for firearms or in a hard sided suitcase.
Hard shell gun cases can be purchased at U.S. / Canadian airports.
Passengers must verbally declare firearm is unloaded. Northwest
requires firearm unloaded tag be signed by passenger and placed inside
of luggage containing firearm. No exterior tag or notice of firearm
may appear on case. Case must be locked and only the passenger may
retain the key or combination. Airline personnel will not unload or
handle firearms. Gun and ammunition may be in the same piece of
luggage. However, ammunition must be within its own packaging."

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