German guns of the golden era
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Author:  Jta5er [ Sat Sep 12, 2020 4:42 pm ]
Post subject:  German guns of the golden era

Ok after purchasing several ( I mean like 20) shotguns over the last decade or so I think I get it. All the German box locks I have purchased from 1900 to 1930 have been exceptional, yet some of the American, British and Belgium guns have been hit or miss. It looks like the German guns from suhl and Zella are built to a standard no matter what amount of engraving or schtik of wood is used, yet the others were built to a price point standard.Yep I’m a little slow ( should have read more on the subject before all this horse trading) but after reading several threads from Raimey, German hunting gun site and recommend books I seem to understand. From what I have seen ( and purchased over my adult life)
You can purchase a wonderfully well made German double for a fraction of what the same level of gun from the other countries would cost. Don’t miss understand you can buy great British and Belgium sxs that are quality but you will pay more.
Special thanks to Raimey Ellenburg, Dietrich Apel, Ken Georgi, Axel E., Mr. Mann and Hans Pfingsten. For their work and help that finally got the above through my thick head.
Personally I have settled on the 16 gauges for most of my hunting.

Author:  ellenbr [ Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: German guns of the golden era

Many thanks for the accolades & I only hope I can convert a few more to the flock. But Dietrich Apel is due the full credit as he was pushed thru an abbreviated apprentice program and was flown on a coal supply plane as a chimney sweep of sorts across the Post WWII line of demarcation from East to West Germany. And he gave his all; time, money, etc. just for the advancement & benefit of German guns where he was ostracized and banished by the organization he founded(which has never come clean) & where he remained stalwart & pressed onward with the German story as well as his own family history & it is now available on his website managed by the very capable custodian Larry Schuknecht. No one has, nor will, sacrifice more for the cause than Dietrich Apel.......



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