If you get an offer for a gun or item sale by PM
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Author:  Curly N [ Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  If you get an offer for a gun or item sale by PM

If someone sends you an offer to sell you a gun or item by pm and you do not know this user, be sure to get photo proof of possession of the gun that has their username here on SGW and the current date at a minimum. If you are satisfied that they actually possess that item, then move forward and establish a safe method for both parties to make the exchange. There must be a reasonably simple method to accomplish this. You have to use a FFL anyway, check with your local FFL and see what you can work out.
There are plenty of crooks out there wanting to get your cash, do not let them beat you.
Also send me a report by PM of the offer so that I can see what is going on. This user might be trying to scam a bunch of you and I am never made aware.

Please notice that all PM messages now have a Report button Image in the lower right area of the PM. Use it for best reporting these possible scammers. Use choice 4 and explain the problem.
I believe that there is one or more of these jerks trying to work scams currently.

Always get the photo proof of possession that we require for postings.
There are three requirements spelled out, each required to be together on a piece of paper,
legible as posted, within a picture of the item for sale.
1: ShotgunWorld Forum UserName of seller.
2:First date of sale or today's date.
3: Price of item.
If you can get that picture taken with the gun on top of the 3 requirements with them legible, you may be ahead. If it is too much trouble for the seller, they probably have nothing to sell.
If you inform me of someone attempting to scam you, they will not get another chance here.

Any moderately new member trying to sell by PM in response to a WTB listing without furnishing the required photos will be banned as soon as I am notified of this infraction. There will be no warning or apology.

You are warned, do not get pillaged. If they are selling it too cheaply, they probably don't have it to sell.

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