Wear on slide of 11-48
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Author:  Win50 [ Fri May 14, 2021 7:52 am ]
Post subject:  Wear on slide of 11-48

I was shooting a round of skeet with my 11-48 and it jammed hard on the extract stroke (bolt was back about 1/2 inch, but the shell was still in the chamber).

Even after removing everything - trigger, stock spring, just the bolt and slide left stuck in the receiver - it became clear the slide had jammed on the release/shell stop lever. I eventually got that to work backwards, releasing everything.

There's a small ridge on the bottom of the slide that appears to be worn, and visibly thinned in the middle near the cutout.

1148 parts don't seem to be on the tear that 1100 and newer parts are, so I was able to get an entire bolt and slide off ebay for $45.

My question - finally - is whether this is just normal wear in a 60 year old gun, or if there's something else - I should be looking at to prevent this in the future.


Author:  Virginian [ Fri May 14, 2021 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wear on slide of 11-48

Depends somewhat on usage and maintenance procedures used. Not common because I have never seen that exactly before.

Author:  Ernest T [ Sat May 15, 2021 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wear on slide of 11-48

Not seen that with my 11-48, but I don't shoot high volume rounds with it anymore. I have worn out other parts on the gun and the hassle of trying to find replacement parts has me shooting mine less.

Author:  Win50 [ Sat May 15, 2021 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wear on slide of 11-48

I can't speak to maintenance up until a year or so ago. The gun was clearly used quite a bit over its life, but if it's not a common/well-known wear item I'll swap in the new old one ans see where that gets me. If it goes another couple decades that's probably good enough.

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