My Favorite Shotgun
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Author:  Halwg [ Thu Aug 27, 2020 11:23 am ]
Post subject:  My Favorite Shotgun

My Benelli Montefeltro in 20 gauge has become my favorite shotgun. I have 2 barrels for it. The 26" field barrel with the flat rib, and the 28" Sporting barrel with the ports and the stepped rib.

The gun is light, fits me well, and points quickly. I hunt with the 26' barrel and it's easy to carry and quick on target. I've used everything from 7/8 oz field loads, to 3" turkey loads and everything cycles perfectly.

With the 28" Sporting barrel, the gun is great for 5-Stand or on the Sporting Clays course. Recoil is basically non-existent with 7/8 oz target loads, and it crushes clays.

I also have a 12 gauge Montefeltro with both a field and sporting barrel, but the 20 gauge is such a slick, fast handling gun, I find myself grabbing it first for hunting and for clays.

Author:  ThrowAway [ Thu Aug 27, 2020 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My Favorite Shotgun

While I have no interest in purchasing another semiautomatic shotgun, I was curious about the Montefeltro and ended up venturing over to Benelli’s website to take a look around. One thing you can say about Benelli is that they have their online catalog figured out. Most gun manufacturers list all their different models and various sub-configurations in just that: a long list that is sometimes extremely confusing to navigate with all the shorthand, codes, SKU’s, etc. I appreciated how Benelli’s website allows you to select the specifications of the gun you want to buy using a very user-friendly interface, and how it then narrows down the selection by highlighting the applicable model from the list of guns. More firearms manufacturers should emulate Benelli’s example when designing their websites.

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