2 Down, 1 More to Go
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Author:  Back2MyRem [ Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  2 Down, 1 More to Go

I took the "Back2MyRem" moniker here, because a few years ago, I'd to decided to return to my roots w/the Remington shotgun.

As a young man I had purchased a Remington 870 12 Ga. WM which I ended up selling, which I've regretted doing ever since. After getting all the handguns I'll ever want or need, I decided on a long range plan to buy 2 Rem 870 pumps, and a Rem semi-automatic.

3 Remingtons, and whatever else I did w/them, they'd do double duty as HD guns, and since I've always liked the 18" barrel length, I figured I'll be happy w/whatever I came up with.

I've included a pic of my first 2 Remington acquisitions/subsequent builds. The 870 WM on the left was worked on by Mike LaRocca, matching up the barrel and extension tube to 18", and matching the bluing of the ext. w/the finish of the rest of the gun.

A year or so after getting the gun back, and deciding on a plan for the sights, I got w/John Sabicer, a gunsmith whose locally based in Monterey Park, who put a Ghost ring sight in back, and a Ruger/S&W front sight w/patridge which was small enough to fit compactly on top of the vent rib.

John Sabicer did the complete build of the 870 Police 12 Ga. w/18" barrel, on the right, which already came w/the Ghost rings installed. Added to that is a FD forearm and angled grip, a Mesa tactical adaptor behind the receiver to take a FD pistol grip, the Voltor buffer tube, and Magpul stock, and a full length MT Rail and MT front clamp, enabling me to an use an Aimpoint Pro Patrol anywhere along the rail along w/iron sights for back-up (the MT Rail has a center groove so you can sight the Ghost ring and front sight through the rail).

John called me up the evening the build was finished, and asked what was I gonna call the gun, I couldn't think of anything, so he took the gun over to his neighbor and showed him the gun, suggesting I call the gun the first thing that came out of his neighbor's mouth.

He said his neighbor looked at the gun for a few seconds, shook his head, and then said......."BadAss".

Not original, but the name stuck.

I'll be selling my Versa Max to somebody who prefers the 22" barrel length, and I'm buying a Remington 1100 tactical w/18" barrel, or a 11-87, as some folks are telling me the 1100 is out of production, as the semi-auto in the equation, and that will be my 3rd. and last Remington.


Author:  NH Squirrelhunter [ Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Down, 1 More to Go

Nice looking guns there {hs# I really like - and would love to shoot - the vent rib WM :mrgreen: I've never been overly impressed by the control-placement-ergonomics of the 870 design, but the Wingmasters have always been nice looking, good handling guns.

Kind Regards,

~ SH ~

Author:  D Brown [ Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Down, 1 More to Go

I like the one on the left. What can I tell you? I like wood stocks!

Author:  Back2MyRem [ Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Down, 1 More to Go

Thank you folks for the very kind words, they're very much appreciated. My first 870 WM I got when I was about 18, the next one in the pic I got close to 50yrs. later!!

It's not the gun I sold, but it serves it's purpose in reminding me of that gun.

So if there's a raging house fire, and I've only got time to save 2 guns, I'd snatch the Beretta 92 compact I inherited from my Dad, and this gun.

This was an old/new stock gun that had been sitting and gathering dust for years (fortunately it was stored in a way that it hadn't rusted out), and it does very much remind me of my earlier WM. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Postscript: I couldn't find any new 1100's except a couple that looked worn out/beat up, so I put a deposit on an 11-87P that was on Gunbroker, that the seller says had less than 20 rounds through it.

I got all the "tactical" fever out of my system w/"BadAss", so I don't believe I'll stray far once I get the 11-87.

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