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 Post subject: Schumer: "Illegimate process" & Biden: What he's doing NOW !
PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:49 pm 
Crown Grade
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Ok, - changing the tenor of 'Troll lies' here, and Hunter Biden smear campaigns, I have real questions.

For the last 2 weeks, up-Chuck Schumer has been Y-E-L-L-I-N-G: "It's an illegitimate process", - it's illegitimate, ILLEGITIMATE process, ILLEGITIMATE-ILLEGITIMATE-ILLEGITIMATE, - it's ILLEGITIMATE !!

But he's never said what exactly was "illegitimate", and what exactly was "illegitimate" about it....

And no one in the media circles has ever challenged him, or even as much ASKED him what he means, and why it might be illegitimate.

So .....

"assuming" that he means that it is "illegitimate" for President Trump to "nominate" a candidate for the Supreme Court, what exactly is "illegitimate" about it ?

And on Biden, he's been getting downright ANGRY !! When asked about packing the courts, he starts (literally) YELLING about: I'm not going to play "his game" (what game?). Then he starts yelling and waving his right arm and shaking it, and pointing to the ground saying that we should be FOCUSED ON WHAT HE IS DOING RIGHT NOW!

He keeps yelling that over and over again ..

Does anyone know what he means by: "DOING" RIGHT NOW ???

*WHAT* is Trump "doing" that he is referring to ????

Does he mean maybe what Trump "did" (not DOING, but "DID") by nominating Catholic lady ?

If so, Trump isn't (actively) "DOING" anything, - it was something that he already DID. Trump doesn't handle any of the actual nominating process, hearings, vote, etc. etc.

So what is this Biden yelling thing all about? Anyone know ?

"It's not constitutional what they are doing, and we should be focused on what we are doing right now"...

Translation ?

WHAT is not "constitutional", and WHY (is *what*) not constitutional ?

I honestly don't understand.

 Post subject: Re: Schumer: "Illegimate process" & Biden: What he's doing N
PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:10 am 
*Proud to be a*
*Proud to be a*
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It’s completely constitutional for the President to nominate a person for a court vacancy and then have the senate confirm them. Is it the polite thing to do several weeks before the election? As you can see that depends which side of the political argument you’re on. Thats the game, not the law.
We get the court where we like it while they sneak a totally 2 dimensional pol into the presidency by using a brain dead trojan horse. Both legal, neither polite.

Peace Brothers

 Post subject: Re: Schumer: "Illegimate process" & Biden: What he's doing N
PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 8:42 am 
Crown Grade

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They are simply whining & freaking out because they have been caught in their own corruption. They are losing the control they have had for so long they believe they are entitled to it. They have & would do worse if they had a chance. Like BCP said, "If it were not for the double standard, the left would have no standard at all!" They continually accuse the right of what they themselves are guilty of doing! Biden is a criminal & should be barred from running for any public office. He is guilty of treason & doing exactly what they tried to impeach Trump for doing. Trump said the Obama administration was the most corrupt administration in history & he is correct! Hillery Clinton is the most vile & corrupt politician since Hitler! It gives me pleasure to watch "Chucky Boy" squirm!

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