Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......
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Author:  birdguy [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

Sweet pics - It is interesting how many 300 grain - 437 grain slugs are recovered from 150 lb animals. The reason is most likely attributable to the wide frontal diameter of slugs, even in a twenty gauge - these slugs expand to an inch or more, creating a "parachute effect" in the animal. It's like pushing your fist through the water vs pushing your cupped hand - way more resistance with the open hand. Also, the alloys are really soft (In lead projectiles) so expansion can happen at low velocity. Maybe at extended ranges like 100 yards, these slugs would penetrate more since they would deform less at low velocity, but trajectory starts to become an issue much past 100 yards. I'm sure the monolithic copper bullets penetrate better than standard slugs or even sabots since their expansion characteristics include petals or fingers. Like pushing your open fingered hand - more resistance than the fist, but less than the cupped hand.
A harder cast alloy would penetrate better in a lead projectile, but honestly for deer, DRT performance is tough to beat, even if the bullet doesn't exit. Fun to see the pics - thanks for posting!

Author:  oldshot [ Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:50 am ]
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Thanks for this- I just bought the Winchester Partitions- wish I had stuck to my copper sabots. My 3" WP's are moving at 2000FPS acording to the box and are 385 gr- more than a Fl Hog needs. Looks like I'm gonna miss Hog shotgun season but if I get to drop one I'll reportUsed to use federals- but can't find 'em.

Author:  MMS-2 [ Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:55 pm ]
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Old Hunter wrote:
This is real cool - you see more expended bullets/slugs here from one year than I have seen in 20 (or more) - great pictures.

The place I take my Deer for processing has a bucket full of slugs that they have found while butchering Deer. I look through it every year to see how the latest ammo is doing. Maybe your local processing plant has the same thing

Author:  soilhunting [ Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

Great pics. Have Always used the Winchester saboted slugs and been very successful

Author:  RosalinaBurke [ Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:08 am ]
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I think Saboted slugs are designed to be used in rifled barrels. Lead slugs (with rifling on them, like Brenneke's) are designed to be used in smoothbore barrels. Using them in the wrong type barrel yields sub-optimal results.

Author:  [email protected] [ Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:03 pm ]
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There was some problems with the early sabots being way to hard and just drilling a little hole right threw the deer ;like the BRI slugs ,I did some testing with them and thy would punch right threw a car door with out any expanding at all ,,I am shooting the fusion 7.8th oz 20g at 1450 fps and am getting great penetration and big holes in the deer ..I did find that slower sabots gave a better group then the high speed slugs ,,I also found that I did not gain enough by going to a three inch slug over a 2,75 inch slug even in a 20g sabot .I found better groups across the board with the short sabots over the three inch shells and for the money I shoot the 2,75 inch sabots ,Dutch

Author:  gulf1263 [ Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

Back when I was a probie police officer we did testing of the BRI, it was originally intended for law enforcement use against car windshields and car bodies.
They helped shotguns penetrate cars and cover.
Brenneke's also worked well, I shot four bear, three black and grizzly, penetrated well and stopped them.
In Alaska we use rifles for deer but if you are bird hunting with a shotgun, then having a few Brennekes with you is not a bad idea in case bear or moose show up (cow moose can be very testy and try to stomp you, bulls are just plain nasty during mating season).
A lot of folks carry a .44 Mag or .454 Casull as a backup to their shotgun.
Facing down an angry critter with 20 gauge slugs is no fun.
A friend has downed quite a few pigs and boar with Brennekes and has twice broken both shoulders of deer he shot in the "Lower 48".
When I went to college in Iowa (that McIntosh guy graduated from the same college and we served in the same police dept.) dear hunting had to be with buckshot which in the day meant shots close in (30 yards or less) for any success.
Glad to see the info on the slugs and their success on dear.
Please keep up the good work and the info you provide.

Author:  dfitzmorris [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

12 ga. vs 20 ga. slugs for deers. I chose to use the 20 ga. and purchased a rifled barrel for my remington 870 shotgun. I was amazed at the 2-3 inch group I could get at 150 yds using the Hornady 250 gr. sabot.
My hunt to Illinois offered me the opportunity to shoot a 13 point buck weighing 300 lbs shortly after a blizzard past. The deer was running across a field and by the time I was able to get my gun out to shoot, he made the mistake of stopping at the edge of woods to wind the area before entering. I was able to get off one round at what I guessed was 160-165 yards. The deer went down with the slug passing through his left shoulder breaking the left leg, nicking the heart, and exiting while breaking his leg in his right shoulder. We scoped the shot from my stand and it was 173 yards. The slug didn't exit but was just underneath the hide on his right shoulder. I have complete faith in using the 20 ga. as I've found it doesn't drop nearly as much as the 12 ga. beyond 100 yards, and I tried both at the range. Moral is I have a fine buck on the wall and can disprove anyone saying a 20 ga. isn't the gun of choice for deer hunting with a slug. Also my son killed a 10 pt. 260 lb. buck at 150 yards putting two slugs in his chest.

Author:  FullandFuller [ Sun Dec 08, 2019 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

I just found this post the other night and then I killed a couple deer back to back with different bullets and I figure I could add to this discussion.

The first one was killed with a barnes MZ 250 grain. A big yearling or maybe a 2-1/2 yo doe. Broadside from treestand and down the hill, walking at 50 yards, entry was the near arm and exit was the opposite brisket, shredding the heart and leaving a huge blood trail. She ran and crashed in 30 yards. These do a great job and I have only recovered one from a deer. That particular one was a big doe shot right at the base of the throat and was recovered completely intact against the lower sirloin tip with four of the six petals peeled back. That deer dropped in its tracks, as one might expect.

The next deer shot was with a Powerbelt .50 Caliber Hollow Point, 245 gr. "The bullet that made sabots obsolete". These are what I usually reload with in the stand, because it takes a struggle to reload that Omega with another Barnes. These Powerbelts can be loaded quickly while the other deer stand in front of me, figuring what just happened. They are much less accurate in my gun and I wouldn't feel good shooting more than 75 yards with them. This deer was closer and a full size doe for this area, dressing at 92 lb. This bullet hit the near arm meat and holed the heart. I almost always focus on the heart, same as with bow. The shot was standing, and she bucked, turned back, ran, and crashed in 25 yards. As she fell I could see blood pumping out of the near side. The meat damage to the near side was substantial, with many pieces of jacket found there. On the far side, I found the remainder of the Powerbelt bullet embedded in the arm meat...only 85 grains of bullet remained. The other 160 grains were scattered through deer, and there was no exit wound. On a well placed shot, the shock and results are hard to argue with, but I have much more confidence in the reliable expansion and retention of the Barnes MZ. I certainly don't agree that Powerbelts made sabots obsolete, but they are undeniably quick and easy to load. I've never found the belt itself...I don't know if that discards at the skin or somewhere in the lungs/heart.

Author:  FullandFuller [ Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

This is the picture of the single Barnes MZ I have recovered and what they look like. Hard to load, but accurate and the best performing bullet I have ever seen.

Author:  Bob9863 [ Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:14 am ]
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This is a Lee key drive found under the skin of a deer sh*t at around 50m.
Smashed the shoulders pretty damn good too.


I've got a close up somewhere but I can't find it.

Author:  FullandFuller [ Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Deer hunters, have you ever wondered......

Here is another one of those 245gr Powerbelts from a .50 cal inline. 203 gr intact. This one destroyed double lung and heart and was found just kissing the offside arm muscle, no exit wound, on a ~100 lb doe inside 50 yards, 70 gr of 777.

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