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 Post subject: My 2019 trip to the NSCA Nationals
PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:27 am 
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*Proud to be a*

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I posted the below last Friday on the "Caesar Guerini Lovers" thread. I thought it might also be of interest to folks who read this thread. MAJ

I missed going to San Antonio for the NSCA National last year. (I keep calling this the "World," guess because the world shows up for it). As I was still working, it would have been a one-day-there-and-back ten hour plus road trip on the last day of the event. This year I loafed down on Wednesday, spent the night, went to the event in the AM and got home by dark on Thursday. Which was good, because god decided to dump all that water he didn't dump on north Texas in August and September on us in one big bucket full. The last 45 miles of my ride home was full-on redneck car wash.

Thursday at the competition is definitely different from Saturday. Much more energy and a very large crowd. The temp was pleasant, the sky overcast with occasional sprinkles. But not enough to require rain gear.

My primary reason in going to SA was to demo the Syren Elos N2 Sporting. This year I bought a Syren L4S from August Crocker, and the inaugural session on the skeet field convinced me that a semi-auto was not for me. First, I like the simplicity of an O/U; second, I do not like a gun that may eat my fingers. Don't get me wrong, I think the L4S is a beautiful, well-thought-out gun, but it is just not a gun for me. Since I have no safe bunnies, I've decided that I need to send it on to a better home. I had looked at the Elos N2 while at CG in March and liked it, but really liked the Elos D2 field gun. However, the D2 does not come in 12 gauge, and for the immediate future I'm limiting myself to 12 gauge only.

Syren's top gun pusher, Lynne Green, got the demo N2 out for me and we went out and shot a few rounds. I had thought (and thought I remembered from my March trip), that the adjustable comb was soft; it isn't. I actually like it more than I like the picture of it, and given my tendency to sweat all over my stock, the non-wood comb takes a worry off my plate. The gun, which comes with a 30" barrel, is actually 4 ozs. lighter than my Syren Tempio, but feels heavier and more substantial; not clunky but just a solid handful. I really like it, and will be talking to August after the first of the year about sending the L4S back to Austin and bringing the N2 to Dallas. Now that I'm retired, I am exercising fiscal responsibility by buying only one gun a year.

I wish CG/Syren/Fabarms would stop following the car trend of giving their product indecipherable letter/number combinations for names. I prefer real names.

My trip down vendors' row brought home to me CG's absolute genius in setting up Syren as a separate division. While I have some quibbles, such as no link from the Syren website to the Custom Shop, no shotgun dealer does better than CG at recognizing women gun purchasers. When I walked into the CG booth, Lynne was off shooting competitively. Despite the fact she wasn't there, the guys who were there acknowledged me, made me feel welcome, and asked if they could help me.

This contrasts with Blaser. I own a Blaser F16 Intuition (bought through August), and walked into the Blaser booth just to tell them how much I liked the gun. Three Blaser reps were standing there talking to each other and ignored me. A nice older gentleman named Ken (and by older I mean older than the chatty clique, but about my age), saw me standing there and got out of his chair. He uses a cane, I asked him to please keep his seat, but he is the old style gentleman who stands if a lady is standing. I told him I liked the Intuition, and I was glad I'd gotten the field version instead of the sporting as the neon front red sight on the sporting would be like carrying around Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Ken and I had a great conversation, during which none of the other three reps acknowledged my existence.

Now, there are things I like about the Blaser, particularly the barrel selector inside the trigger guard. The price of the F16 is in line with the price of a Syren Tempio. But the big difference is CG/Syren does not treat women who walk into their shop as if they have cooties. And because they act like they value us, CG/Syren will continue to be the first choice for chick-built guns. The other gun manufactures have added chick guns to their line as an afterthought, CG/Syren has them riding up there in the front of the bus. I might have cooties, but I also have cash.

Next stop was Lonesome Charlie's for a new belt and some on-sale trinkets for my skeet league team. I left earlier than I otherwise would have due to the weather. Now that it is cooling off, the deer are out in full force. I like to drive back to Dallas on back roads, and late afternoon is dodge-a-deer time. This year's hit deer total on US 281 was four large does, counting only bodies, not big red splotches. When I had dinner In New Braunfels on Wednesday evening, a large doe sauntered across the residential street behind the restaurant at about 6:30. She wan't distressed or watchful, I think she had her eye on someone's flower bed.


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