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 Post subject: Re: Female shooter looking for A LOT of advice.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:14 am 
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jmeyers5212 wrote:
OH and I plan to check out those 1 oz lower FPS shells. I’ve just been buying whatever 12ga is on sale at Dicks.....ha

Many of us here, including me, think Dick's lives up to its name. MAJ

{hs# :lol:

 Post subject: Re: Female shooter looking for A LOT of advice.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:46 am 
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Stay with a gas auto, they have the least amount of recoil. Take a look at the Remington 1100 Competition. It has the adjustable butt and comb so it can be fitted to you and only costs around $1200.00

 Post subject: Re: Female shooter looking for A LOT of advice.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:58 pm 
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I am a 5ft 1.5 inch woman, also a very new shooter, and a lot of what you talked about sounds familiar!

1. I have not had bruising in that precise place, but I did get it on my bicep and it was definitely due to improperly mounting the gun.

1b. If the cast is an issue, there are several lines of shotguns that have adjusted multiple elements of the stock design to better fit women out of the box. I shoot a Beretta Vittoria 686 S - but when I was researching guns I spent a LOT of time watching youtube reviews of the Syren guns from Ceasar Guerini- because they came out with the women's stocks first. And the funniest part of that experience was watching all the ways that the presenter- almost always a man- would contort themselves to avoid saying the word "boob". Or "breast". Or even "chest".All the women's stocks, the ones from CG, Beretta, or Browning, have a modified cast and pitch so that the gun doesn't jab you in your boob, but the men are far to delicate to say that, so they allude to it in the most round about ways "due to differences between men and women's anatomy", "Women's features", "fit a woman's body" I only think I found one magazine review that actually flat out said "they changed this bit of the stock to an angle that doesn't jab your breast". I believe the author was a woman. Anyway, if you are looking for a new gun, why not find one that fits better. Most of these models are available in semi-autos or o/u. I'm not sure about Browning, but CG and Beretta do. I love mine.

2. I did have the learn to love it- which might be similar to your strength issue. The first time we took it out we went to a sporting clays course- big mistake, I had never tried those more overhead shots and I lifted my face off the comb to see the target like an idiot and it punched me in the face. Hard. A couple more of those and even on the easier shots my cheek was so swollen I was flinching from the slightest recoil. I went home, googled "Why is my shotgun bruising my cheek" and found a lot of advice on things to adjust that also helped me improve my mount. (This adorable man :, and a lot of Gil Ash videos). But then covid restrictions had closed our local clubs to the public so I had a lot of time to practice shouldering my gun. I would do the flashlight drill in my apartment, which had the side benefit of giving me practice lifting the weight of the gun over and over. When I went back home for a weekend visit a few months later, I could get through 2 rounds of trap followed by 2 rounds of skeet a day without getting over tired (and without letting my gun punch me in the face once!)

3. I would ignore what is "more respected" and focus on what you enjoy shooting. I like that I can rest my o/u on my foot or the pad in between shots, and that it is simpler to clean with less to worry about. But your are already comfortable with semi-auto. That said, with over/unders I don't think the lighter guns have less recoil, I think it is the reverse? Regardless, I also found that shooting in a vest that has a pocket for a gel pad that helps absorb recoil to be helpful in addition to working on my stance and mount. And shooting 1 oz loads with speeds less than 1200 fps helps reduce recoil. I'm sure it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but when I was researching it seemed like the field guns tended to be pricier than the sporting.

 Post subject: Re: Female shooter looking for A LOT of advice.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 7:11 am 
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sidrich05, thanks for this thoughtful and well-written comment. And section 1b had me laughing out loud. MAJ

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