Eye problems (again)
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Author:  olddrum [ Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Eye problems (again)

Veteran shooter, left eye dominant, fortunately learned to shoot left handed many decades ago. Had cataract surgery last year, but it appears the implant 'didn't get all the astigmatism' per my optometrist. Haven't had the chance to order a new pair from Decot, so I'm shooting in my everyday glasses (yes, they're safe). Because of other issues with the left eye, my distance vision with glasses seems to be actually better with the right eye (instead of much worse w/o glasses). Which likely explains missing birds on 8 using hold points I've used for decades, until I closed the right eye - smoke.

I see my immediate choices as:
1. Find a way to temporarily occlude the right lens of my everyday glasses only when shooting.
2. Shoot using non-scrip Venturegear glasses.
3. ??

For next year, I'm contemplating only updating the scrip on my left lens, or maybe updating both but use a darker lens or an occluder for the right eye.

Suggestions/recommendations (other than switching hands - too old a dog for that trick) immediate/long term?

Author:  pknimrod [ Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Eye problems (again)

So, as I understand it, your cataract surgery was not completely successful. Did they do both eyes or just one. Are they going to try to fix it? If so, then don't do anything to try to compensate for it. If it is what it is, then by all means try putting a patch on your right lens and see what happens. It does not have to be permanent, just some tape on the lens. Allow some time to get used to it before deciding it doesn't work.
Not an expert. Peter.

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