Keep It Friendly .... Might apply to YOU!
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Author:  Curly N [ Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Keep It Friendly .... Might apply to YOU!

shotgunworld wrote:
I'm seeing way too many flames, personal attacks and product bashing/stalking on the forums. Here are some tips I sent to a user by the name of
"Mr. IhateeveryoneI'malwaysrightyousuckandmybuddieswillrunyouofftheforum".

1. You are not ALWAYS right.
2. There is never a GOOD reason to insult someone.
3. Do you treat people like this in face-to-face social events?
4. You weren't born with the knowledge, so at some point you must have known absolutely nothing about shotguns, too.
5. People helped you out....return the favor.
6. This is a privately owned venue and we aren't bashful when it comes to asking the unruly to matter who you are.
7. Every manufacturer of every brand has a Customer Service department and a Return Merchandise you know why? Because no brand is perfect.
8. If we could buy the $3,000 shotgun we probably would, but when you can only afford $700 then that's what you buy. I apply the same reasoning to buying the Subaru rather than the Rolls-Royce I saw in a magazine.
9. Unless your gun tests included pictures of your children don't be offended when people disagree with the results you post.
10. Respond with courtesy and respect. Picture yourself talking to the other person face-to-face if you have to.
11. "Friendliest gun forum on the net" is something we make every effort to protect.

The quote above contains some general guidelines that we follow here at Shotgun World. Apparently a lot of folks that have been visiting the Sporting Clays forum have forgotten these simple guidelines. Consequently I have had to close too many topics due to very bad attitudes.
I am tired of having to do this!

Therefore each of you should take this warning to heart.
If I think you are being too crappy towards another person here on the forum, I am not going to give you anther warning.
I will suspend you or ban you forever depending upon what I consider appropriate. Severity of the suspension will be determined by your history.

If you are spamming the forum, you are gone!

If you are using language not suitable for young innocents to read, you are in trouble.

If you appear to be threatening another person on the forum, you are in trouble.

This forum is not going to be an example similar to the old "Shotgun Sports" forum, which was equivalent to the wild west.

I am not playing or joshing around here. You may have noticed that some folks that frequently violated these rules are no longer with us.

PS: Having more than two identities here is an instant Permanent Banning Offense. I have ways to catch that so don't be tempted.

Stop it!

I repeat This is your first warning! You know who you are.

If you have been following these guidelines all along, you don't have to worry. Just keep up the good work.

If you think that a poster is in violation of these simple and easy to understand guidelines, don't fuss at them and start something worse. simply click on the report button down in the right hand corner of the offending post. It looks like this Image and please explain the problem in the message box in the report form. We can't be here all the time or read every posting. Your help is needed to reduce this problem.

Thanks for your help in controlling this stuff.

Your friendly moderator.

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