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 Post subject: Happy Birthday US Marine Corps !!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 8:10 pm 
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I know some of you devil dogs can read, I've seen your lips move :)

Happy Birthday, you've kept us safe for a long time.


Liberals are like slinkys, not really good for anything but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs :)

 Post subject: Re: Happy Birthday US Marine Corps !!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 8:35 pm 
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Thank you. As a Marine Corps veteran I appreciate that some people remember the birthday of the Corps. It's 245 years and counting. Thanks again.

 Post subject: Re: Happy Birthday US Marine Corps !!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:17 pm 
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My post re-copied here:

Anytime, Anywhere ... they are there. Stand tall, Marines.

God Bless. Thanks for Standing the Watch.


 Post subject: Re: Happy Birthday US Marine Corps !!
PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:04 am 
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In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.

In the beginning was God, and all else was darkness and void, and without form. So God created the heavens and the Earth. He created the sun, and the moon, and the stars, so that light might pierce the darkness. The Earth, God divided between the land and the sea, and these he filled with many assorted creatures.

And the dark, salty, slimy creatures that inhabited the murky depths of the oceans, God called sailors. And He dressed them accordingly. They had little trousers that looked like bells at the bottom. And their shirts had cute little flaps on them to hide the hickeys on their necks. He also gave them long sideburns and shabby looking beards. God nicknamed them "squids" and banished them to a lifetime at sea, so that normal folks would not have to associate with them. To further identify these unloved creatures, He called them "petty" and "commodore" instead of titles worthy of red-blooded men.

And the flaky creatures of the land, God called soldiers. And with a twinkle in His eye, and a sense of humor that only He could have, God made their trousers too short and their covers too large. He also made their pockets oversized, so that they may warm their hands. And to adorn their uniforms, God gave them badges in quantities that only a dime store owner could appreciate. And He gave them emblems and crests... and all sorts of shiny things that glittered...and devices that dangled. (When you are God you tend to get carried away.)

On the 6th day, He thought about creating some air creatures for which he designed a Greyhound bus driver's uniform, especially for Air Force flyboys. But He discarded the idea during the first week, and it was not until years later that some apostles resurrected this theme and established what we now know as the "Wild-Blue-Yonder Wonders."

And on the 7th day, as you know, God rested.

But on the 8th day, at 0730, God looked down upon the earth and was not happy. No, God was not happy! So He thought about His labors, and in His divine wisdom God created a divine creature. And this He called Marine. And these Marines, who God had created in His own image, were to be of the air, and of the land, and of the sea. And these He gave many wonderful uniforms. Some were green; some were blue with red trim. And in the early days, some were even a beautiful tan. He gave them practical fighting uniforms, so that they could wage war against the forces of Satan and evil. He gave them service uniforms for their daily work and training. And He gave them evening and dress uniforms... sharp and stylish, handsome things... so that they might promenade with their ladies on Saturday night and impress the hell out of everybody! He even gave them swords, so that people who were not impressed could be dealt with accordingly. And at the end of the 8th day, God looked down upon the earth and saw that it was good. But was God happy? No! God was still not happy! Because in the course of His labors, He had forgotten one thing: He did not have a Marine uniform for himself. He thought about it, and thought about it, and finally God satisfied Himself in knowing that, well... not everybody can be a Marine!

 Post subject: Re: Happy Birthday US Marine Corps !!
PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:45 pm 
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Shooting Instructor

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I really enjoyed your post. My dad was a Marine and stormed the beaches of Peleliu and New Guinea. He made it through both of those campaigns. Later he married my mom and they had me. I was in college during Vietnam. I had planned to follow my dad and join the Marines. He had a lot bad memories, not of the corp but of the battles and the things he saw. This completely change him. He remembered the blood and guts as well as the terrors that he saw. It took him many years to get these out of his mind. He asked me to join the airforce and try to stay out of the Jungles.

Since I was in college I had a deferment. My college had a brand new Air Force ROTC detachment so to make my dad happy, I joined it. After two years I had to sign up and make a commitment. I was fine with this but when I went in to sign up my recruiter told me that Nixon was pulling all of our military out of the country and there was no need for more officers. I found out that my class wasn't needed and did not get to serve my country. This left me very empty.

I wanted to serve and do my part but this was not going to be a part of my life. Since that day, I have always made it a point to tell every serviceman and law enforcement officer that I appreciated their service. I still feel that way to do.

Several years ago while going through my banks drive through window. I saw a man trying to force his ay into a car with and 85 year old women. Before I could get to the car, this lady rolled up her window on this guys hands. She findlay let him go and sped off. This guy then jumped through the drivers side window of another car. I started again for the guy when two city policemen tackled the guy. They were having a very hard time so I asked them if they needed some help. They told me yes so I grabbed a hold of this guy's free arm and we put him on the ground. One of the policeman said try not to hurt this guy, he is seeing shadows I ask him what he meant and he told me this guy was on PCP . To make this story shorter, It tool the two officers, mysely and seven other officers to put this guy into the back seat of the patrol car.

For me, I was just helping the police. After this was finished the city police department and its chief asked me to come to the station the next week. They wanted to give me an award. I told them that I didn't want an award because I hadn't done anything special. I just wanted to help and that was all. When I got to the station ( They insisted my presence) There were about 100 people there. When I was asked to say something I told everyone that I hadn't done anything that other citizens would have done and that there was no need for a fuss. The chief then told me that in San Angelo's history, they had no record of any one jumping in to help our police. I was very surprised and really didn't believe this but I accepted my award and I did feel good that I had helped.

I don't tell this story very often because I don't think I did anything that most other people would do. I can tell you this, I was asked to become a special officer and ride with some of the officers every once in a while. I was 62 years old when this happened. One other thing. All of the years that we used the military in San Antonio at the Nationals and world, I made sure that I thanks everyone of them for their service. I felt that at least I was giving a little back to these people.

Mike McAlpine

I wish I could have at least been in the military helping my country.

Remember this, I am NO HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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