M3000 front bead size or thread pattern?
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Author:  kuffs06 [ Fri Jan 01, 2021 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  M3000 front bead size or thread pattern?

Hi guys, does anyone know what the thread pattern is on the M3000 shotgun? I found the bead is just too big for me and would like to downsize
I’ve never changed one before on any shotgun so I’m assuming it’s simple enough to unscrew gently with pliers?
I just wanted to have something to put on it before I try removing it
Thanks for your input

Author:  Zman28302 [ Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: M3000 front bead size or thread pattern?

I purchased the Tru Glo long bead in green from Bullseye north. It was on sale for 15 dollars. It is said to be universal and comes with several thread sized screws. I removed the old one and could not find a screw that fit. The web site said this one fits There is a Youtube video as where the guys has to retap the hole to actually use one of the screws. I did not have a tap that small. Also there is locktite debris in the hole so that may have neen an issue. I ended up reinstalling the original.
On a side note I did find a screw the seemed to fit. The 3-56/2.6 mm. Now this is may be hard to understand.
The unit comes with the sight and 4 screws. The sight is tapped for 3-56. So there is one screw that is 3-56 top and bottom, the other 3 are 3-56 on top and 3mm, 5-40 and 6-48 on the bottom. What happened when I installed it with the one that is supposed to work the 3-56 ,the screw went too far into the sight and broke the filament and it fell out. When I noticed it I touched the sight and it also fell off. It was just held by the locktite I had put on the thread. It was actually too small.
Lucky at the same time I purchased the filament replacement kit. And had already changed the filaments to Green on my SX4 barrels. I was able to replace the filament.
None of the screws actually fit. I was also looking for a replacement filament for the Stoeger , but could not find a replacement filament that large
So still have the original sight.
So that is my experience with replacement sights.
I looked at the video and the poster said that he had to run the 3 mm tap through an that seemed to work.
So to answer your question it looks like 3 mm is the thread. Will have to try a 3 mm tap.1

Author:  kuffs06 [ Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: M3000 front bead size or thread pattern?

Thanks for that. I’d be happy with anything smaller. The original bead is huge!

Author:  Supertex1978 [ Sun Jan 31, 2021 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: M3000 front bead size or thread pattern?

I run the Tru-Glo Hi-Viz Competition Fiber optic sight on all my shotguns.
I also HATED the big ugly stock bead on my Stoeger. Unlike the poster above, I found that my Stoeger was threaded just like my Benelli and Beretta shotguns with a 3-56 front sight. (There will be guys that come on here and scream about how it's 2.6x.45mm... whatever.. math it out and it's so close to 3-56 it doesn't matter.)
You should be able to use any sight or kit that comes with a 3-56/2.6mm screw set.

Author:  kuffs06 [ Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: M3000 front bead size or thread pattern?

Thank man. That’s the numbers I was looking for

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