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Dove Hunting Tips Duck Hunting Tips
1. If you're hunting with a buddy then get a set of FRS radios. These are the 'two-mile' ones. They really come in handy when you need to warn your friend about the bird coming behind him. It's also neat for talking with your friend in between birds.

2. If no one else is on the field then have your buddy drop you off on one end of the field. Give your friend time to park the truck at the other end and then start walking the field towards him. This usually spooks up a couple of feeding birds towards him.

3. Camo, camo, camo. Face and arms, too. The camo head nets that only expose the face are the best.

4. If a bird is approaching then don't make a move until you're ready to shoot. It's been my experience that it's better to stop and stand still than it is to suddenly crouch.

5. Keep at least a three gallon jug of water in the back of the truck. In most southern states you'll be rewarded with surprisingly warm water, at the end of the hunt for cleaning the birds and hands..

6. Use a gun sling. I tried one out this year and it really helped. Often I would have to tote the gun across 20 acres to get to my spot. Normally the gun gets heavier every ten feet or so. With the sling it was much, much easier.

7. Decoys! My friend had them and I didn't. He would put them all around his location. I'm not sure that it attracted the dove, but they seemed much less likely to spook or veer off when they saw him. Consequently, he got closer shots than I did.

8. Get a satellite view of your favorite hunting location at They also have Topo maps ...all are free for downloading or printing.
See an example at

9. Use a set of kitchen shears for seperating the breast from the wings when cleaning doves.

10. Typically dove sitting on a wire will face the direction they intend to fly. Consequently, if they are facing away from a feeding field then they are getting ready to leave the field.

11. Dove feed from early morning to late afternoon. Normally after feeding they will try to find water before going to roost (around 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. central). Try to position yourself around a pond, creek or mud hole about this time.

12. Dove prefer clean open banks on a pond.

13. Dove will fly with flocks of other bird types, so check any flock of birds for doves.

14. When selecting cover or constructing a blind consider the angle of flight by the doves. Remember that they will be looking down from a slightly elevated angle.

15. Doves love to roost in cedar trees. Try to position yourself around large cedar trees shortly before dusk.

Essential Dove Gear

1. Hunting License
2. FRS radio's
3. 5-gallon bucket stool (kind that spins)*
4. Two quart canteen of water
5. Camo and mesh hunting vest or belt
6. Heavy duty shears (for cleaning the birds)
7. Ziploc bags (place the cleaned breasts in these)
8. 5 gallons of water (again for cleaning the birds)
9. A hat (ideally that covers the neck too)
10. Sunglasses
11. Shotgun AND No. 7 1/2 shells (very important)

*(Look at the bucket at the this link
It has a ball bearing seat that spins 360 degrees.
Academy Sports has them for $17.99
It's got styrofoam insulated insert for keeping your drinks cold and another styrofoam insert on top of that for dry stuff. Plus it has a camo canvas wraparound that has extra pockets. When I hit the dove field everything goes into the bucket except for the gun. Neatest thing since sliced bread.)

1. Camo, Camo, Camo

2. Don't over call.

3.'s worth the price.


Essential Duck Gear

1. Hevi-Shot
2. Burlap camo blind
3. Rubber gloves for retrieving decoys.
4. Flashlight that mounts on your head.
    (great for early morning trips to the blinds)


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