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How to Contact Us

Do to the large number of emails we receive we ask that all shotgun related questions please be posted on our Forum
This insures that your questions do get answered. If we are unable to provide an answer then there are many experts, on the Forum, that may be able to provide an answer.

If your question is of a different nature then please email us at [email protected]

Address: 109 Red Bud Lane
             Decatur, AL 35603

Phone  : 256-566-6488 (We do not sell guns nor parts)

Email   :  Sales   [email protected]


What we do?

Primarily we try to provide all the resources you would need as a shotgun enthusiast.  We also try to help you find the most information and the best deals on shotguns. We hope that whether you are a buyer or seller, green horn or old pro you still find some useful information on our site. Regardless, we know you will agree that we're the friendliest gun site on the internet.

Our Motto?
"The internets #1 Resource for the Shotgun Enthusiast"


Do you sell shotguns?
Nope, we don't have a warehouse, store front, or distributorship agreement with anyone nor do we sell parts.

What's your Privacy Policy?
This one is easy. We absolutely do not sell your information to anyone! Nor do we use your email to SPAM you. If we want to get information to you then we'll start a newsletter.

How do you buy a gun on the internet?
If you have not bought or sold a gun on the net, there are a few simple things that you should know. First and foremost, remember that ALL FIREARMS LAWS APPLY whether you are online or in a retail storefront.

The steps are pretty easy for the individual, and can often yield some incredible deals. There is a potential for fraud on the internet, so make sure that whatever site you use requires users to register with real contact information. This helps insure that you are dealing with real sellers with a real item for sale, and responses from real buyers who want to purchase your items.

Step 1- Search the web for sites dedicated to the sales of firearms, such as this one.

Step 2- E-mail or call the private gun owner or federally licensed gun dealer who advertised the firearm on the net

Step 3- Have a National Instant Check System conducted through your local federally licensed gun dealer on yourself.

Step 4- The gun dealer will verify if you are qualified to purchase a gun and than send a certified letter to the federal gun dealer the seller will use to mail the firearm.

Step 5- The second gun dealer will verify the letter and have the gun specially delivered to the first dealer. All fees will be paid to the gun dealers that conducted the gun check.

Step 6- Go pick up your new gun.