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Home Product Reviews

Product: DryFire
DryFire Midwest
Price: $796

Shotgunworld Rating:  5-Stars - "DryFire, by Dryfire Midwest, is the coolest and most useful product we've seen for improving your scores at the clays range since the invention of the shotgun rib"

Quality 5
Price 4
Ease of Use 5
Coolness 5

Worst 1 - 5 Best

A revolutionary new product is taking the shooting world by storm. Just imagine standing in your recreation room and firing at 250 clay targets with no noise, no recoil and no expense. Sound like a fairy tale. It’s not and it’s available now. DryFire is a computer simulator that can be set up almost anywhere in your home and it can duplicate any clay target shot that you will ever see out on the range. The DryFire unit projects a laser target that has the same speed and trajectory as a real clay and requires the same swing and lead to hit and break that clay. The best part is that you don’t need a special gun. You can use your favorite gun and all you have to do is install a small soft plastic insert into the barrel and attach a micro switch to the trigger and you are ready to go. The program can be configured to simulate the shells you are using, choking for either a single or double barrel, wind speed and direction, time of day, sun location and more. All the different clay disciplines are supported and you can even design your own layout with a program called "Course Designer".

The heart of the DryFire is a laser and camera system mounted in a movable head. The moving laser is projected on the wall and the camera monitors theClick to enlarge surrounding area. When you pull the trigger, the barrel insert projects an infrared beam at the laser target. The camera detects where your "shot" went and tells you exactly where you hit or missed the target. Your shot pattern is shown visually on a computer monitor for instant feedback.

The main software needs to be installed on a Windows PC. Just about any computer can be used as long as it has a 233MHz processor; so don’t throw away that old computer just yet. The DryFire unit contains the camera, laser and equipment to control the moveable head. The computer is used to calculate where you shot and display the results. It is a relatively simple system utilizing modern technology to solve that age-old problem of "dead" or "lost" and not being able to see where your shot went. Now you can practice that shot over and over.

It was a bit un-nerving to shoot at a red dot on the wall about eight feet in front of me. The absence of a three-dimensional target, the sound of the trap and the trigger sensitivity took a little getting used to but after three or four shots I felt very comfortable with the system. For you recoil sensitive shooters that use a release trigger, the DryFire system can be set to function just like your gun. DryFire comes standard with an acoustic release. All you do is call PULL and a target is released just like on the range.

I’ll admit that at first I was a bit skeptical, but after a little practice, I was convinced this was a great way to practice those dropping clays shots that I usually miss. DryFire is not a toy or a game; it truly simulates the clay sports. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, for less than $796, DryFire allows you to fine-tune your technique any time, any place and in any weather. Now you can practice shooting skeet, trap or sporting clays on your living room wall until you can truly shoot perfect scores at the range.


  • Allows for different choke sizes
  • Allows for different shell sizes
  • Allows for very cheap all-year practice
  • Layouts for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays


  • Some technical knowledge is needed for setup
  • Takes some getting used to shooting at a red dot

You can see and purchase DryFire from telephone 218-963-4616.

Reviewed by: Shotgunworld
Date: 05 December 2003

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