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Company: Robert Louis Co.

Ultimate Practice Shooting System
This weekend I had a chance to try out the Ultimate Practice Shooting  System sold by the Robert Louis Company. This system is to clay shooting as a pitching machine is to baseball. I can certainly see the value in it. They have developed a system that displays a moving laser light against a vinyl banner representing a skeet field. As the laser dot moves across the simulated skeet field you shoot at it with a laser light attached to your barrel. Each time you pull the trigger a laser dot is shot at the moving target. Does this help? Absolutely! The key to many sports is developing  a certain motion until it becomes part of your muscle memory. This is exactly what the Ultimate Practice Shooting System does for you.

To use the Ultimate Practice Shooting System you'll need a blank wall. It doesn't have to be huge because the system has a window adjustment. This allows you to control the distance that the laser dot is thrown left to right or right to left. It also includes a speed adjustment and the ability to throw singles or doubles. That's a very cool feature. I also need to mention that they include a template that allows you determine the POI (Point of Impact) of your shotgun. Using this you can determine if poor shooting is due to poor gun fit. That last nifty gadget was the 'Wobbler'. You attach it to the laser target and it simulates ...well they explain it best on their website...
"The WOBBLER is an oscillating mechanism that moves an attached LaserPro back and forth to duplicate real life Sporting Clays and Trap targets. Used alone, the LaserPro projects straight line targets; used with the Wobbler, the LaserPro projects real-life targets that arch and move in unpredictable patterns."
Was all of this easy to use and setup? Yes. The directions are easy and the equipment seems to be high quality. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to improve their shotgun shooting.
Read more about this product at

Reviewed by: Jay Gentry (Shotgunworld)
Date: April 5th, 2011

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