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Home Product Reviews

Product: Polychoke II
Nitram, LLC
Retailers: Gander Mountain and many others
Price: $89.95

Shotgunworld Overall Rating:  5-Stars - "This is the most useful product for hunters since the invention of cammo." - Jay Gentry, Shotgunworld

Quality 5
Price 5
Ease of Use 5
Coolness 5

Worst 1 - 5 Best

  Several months ago I received the Polychoke II from Todd Martin, at Polychoke . Since then I have had a chance to try it in the dove field and  clay range numerous times, so keep reading. What is it you ask?  The Polychoke II is an adjustable choke for your shotgun. An adjustable choke allows you to "dial-in" the amount of choke on your barrel. One other exciting feature of the Polychoke II is that it is threaded for most shotguns.  Simply take out your current choke and screw in the Polychoke II. No threads? Well the manufacturer can still install the standard Polychoke in  a permanent manner.  The Polychoke II model that we tested has the following choke sizes :

-Improved Modified
-Improved Cylinder
-Slug (Cylinder)

That's six chokes for $89, so it's very economical, too.
I have to say this is the most useful product for hunters since the invention of cammo. The Polychoke II performed great in the dove fields. If the birds were flying close then I set it to Modified. Later if I moved to a different area or the birds were further out then I simply twisted it to Improved Modified or Full and presto I've changed chokes. There were even occasions where I had time to reach down and dial a different choke before the dove actually passed. I see this as a big advantage to the wing shooters.
At the Trap Range I noticed no fewer targets broken using the Polychoke II. My personal average is around 18/25 to 20/25. That average stayed the same using the Polychoke II. On the Skeet field, I was able to dial-in a tighter choke, on the top stations, and I seemed to 'dust' more clays than usual. No scientific proof of that, but it's what I perceived.
There have been some common misconceptions about the Polychoke. Some people will tell you that it's distracting to have  to see over the Polychoke to shoot. Mine is installed on a Mossberg 500, with a ribbed barrel, and I don't even see the Polychoke when I'm shooting.  The rib sticks above it, so there really is no interference with the line of sight. Others may tell you that it's too heavy and changes the balance on the shotgun. I haven't noticed this myself. The Polychoke is not heavy. It weighs about the same as a roll of dimes and I wasn't affected by the slight additional weight. Lastly, it has garnered a reputation as an ugly accessory for your shotgun. To be honest I thought it looked pretty cool on my shotgun and dressed it up a bit. It's certainly an attention grabber at any shooting event.
Now the really important part is how does it pattern. The Polychoke II patterns great. Look at the pics below for an example of patterns from 40 yards. The shells used were PMC Ammo's Optima Target loads (12 ga. 7.5's with 3 drams).

      Modified choke setting                                X-full choke setting


  • Easy installation
  • Fast switching between chokes
  • Economical


  • May feel heavy to some

You can see and purchase the Polychoke II  at or phone 1-866-609-5874

Reviewed by: Jay Gentry, Shotgunworld (Owner)
Date: 06 January 2005

Coming Soon: Arrow Laser Shot- Shotgun training aid

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