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Company: Delta Duck Hunts

How's your duck hunting been this year? Ours, in north Alabama, has been spotty at best. Most of our duck hunts have been spent shooting divers on the Tennessee River. That's why I was so looking forward to a hunt with  David Melton, of Delta Duck Hunts . David has several thousand acres of prime duck hunting real estate to choose from.   The flooded rice fields are only 15 minutes outside of Tunica, Mississippi. Living in a neighboring state I knew that Tunica was home to four large casinos, but I really had not heard much about the duck hunting. Pit Blind
Wanting to share my adventure I invited my good friend Alan and my new son-in-law, Austin. When I mentioned duck hunting and casinos it didn't take much more than a micro second for them both to say yes to my invitation.
Saturday afternoon we checked in at the Hollywood Casino Hotel .  Nearby Harrah's Casino of Tunica boasts "The Willows" clay range,  known as a premier clay course. Next year we may add ‘The Willows’ to our weekend adventure. There are two or three hotels in the area if you're not interested in staying at one of the casinos.
5:00 a.m. the next morning we meet David  Melton and his crew at the "Blue and White" restaurant. This local diner seems to be the hang out for every duck hunter in the county and unofficial starting point for the duck hunts. David introduces us to Greg, our guide for the day, and we head out to the flooded rice fields nearby. Greg has been been a professional Guide for fifteen years and calls ducks down like bees to a flower.   When we arrive, at the pits, the roar of several thousand geese were ringing in our ears. It's this moment that the adrenalin kicks in and you forget about the super cold wind and begin picturing all the ducks you're going to shoot in just a few minutes. I couldn’t wait.
 The very low temperatures and wind produced one of those 'holy crap it's cold' kind of mornings that make you wonder why you ever wanted to duck hunt in the first place. Just through sheer bad luck we found ourselves hunting the day of a cold front and the morning after a very bright and full moon. It's not the best combination for a duck hunt. Two strikes against us already. Once in the pit we still managed to get two geese and three teal and missed several others. The sites and sounds were out of this world. A beautiful sunrise, thousands of geese flying over and a young black Lab that retrieved like a machine. Greg, our guide, was very friendly and patient with three guys from north Alabama who are more accustomed to hiding behind brush. Greg seemed disappointed with the number of ducks, but I actually was pleased with it. Compared to some of our recent Alabama hunts it was a jackpot. My son-in-law, Austin, had a great time. He was top shooter with two geese and a teal. Some one should have reminded him not to out- shoot his new father-in-law. He may or may not be back with us next year. This was Alan’s first guided duck hunt. I could tell he was exciteddead ducks about the sheer numbers of waterfowl we were seeing and was having a great time. Alan managed to out-shoot me, too. I sure will miss both of them next year.
After a morning in the pit we were invited to a duck hunt with the Guides back at the Bullpen. No hesitation on our part in accepting the invitation. We had seen pictures of and heard stories about the Bullpen. The Bullpen is David's shining jewel among the Mississippi mud and deservedly so. With wooden decks, barstools and a coffee maker it's a duck hunters dream(see 'Building the Bullpen' pics here).  

Oh, did I mention that it has 24 hour live feeds to the internet? To my knowledge is the only internet site where you can view a live duck hunt over the internet (insert link). David has five cameras setup around the Bullpen for your viewing pleasure and it’s free. It's the coolest thing and you should take a look. How's the duck hunting at the Bullpen? By the end of the day seven of us had limited out on Pintails, shot some mallards, shovelers and even managed a Speckle Belly Goose . Bottom line, if you want to visit a great location with great guides and have a great duck hunt then you need to hunt with 'Delta Duck Hunts' in Tunica, Mississippi.
I recommend you call them early to book a 2009 hunt. Contact
David Melton
4101 Dundee Rd

Dundee, MS 38626

[email protected]

Shotgunworld at the Bullpen

Shotgunworld and Delta Ducks at "The Bullpen"
(L to R) Greg(guide), Brett(guide), Coby(guide), Austin, Alan, Jay, David Melton-owner(kneeling)

Reviewed by: Jay Gentry (Shotgunworld)
Date: 26 January 2009

(See more pictures, of our hunt,  in the  forum photo gallery)

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