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  1. Shotguns - General
    My grandpa gave me a Belgium made auto 5 magnum 12 gauge. I had a couple questions First is shell info. I know this is for 3” magnum shells and 2 3/4 high velocity shells. Am I able to shoot regular 3” shells out of it. If regular 3” doesn’t cycle with the 3” mag setting can I use high...
  2. Winchester Shotguns
    Does anybody have a link to a new forend for the Model 101 made in Belgium guns? I see forends at Midwest Gun Works, but it looks like they are for the Japan guns. Also I have heard of a forend adjustment screw to keep the wood from moving and splitting the forend. Does anybody have a video or...
  3. Shotguns - General
    Hey there. First timer. I have a Bridge Gun Co 16ga that my grandfather left to me when he passed. It was his fathers or grandfathers. Can’t remember which. From the research if done and reading some of these forums, Bridge Gun Co mass produced these for a bunch of different folks. Department...
1-3 of 3 Results