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  1. Shotgun ID & Value
    I recently inherited my Grandpa's J Stevens single barrel shotgun. As usual for Grandpa, he fully disassembled it. Can you all help ID with a specific model and help me determine what a reasonable cost might be for a gunsmith to reassemble it? Markings for clarification: Stevens The Fully...
  2. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    This shotgun was passed down to me by my grandfather. The owner before him was his neighbor who had it for an unknown amount of time prior to my grandfather. From research, I assume it's a "Long Tom." The only identifying marks are the word "Ocoee." On the left side of the chamber, "735"...
  3. Shotguns - General
    Hello all, I recently acquired my great grandfathers farm shot gun. I was wondering if anyone could give me information as to the age. I attached 2 photos, one of the markings. the word champion appears below all other markings but the serial number contains no letters.
1-3 of 3 Results