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  1. Clay Shooting Software
    I've built a web application to help clubs reduce administration and uphold their reporting obligations in Australia. It's only new, but I'd be happy to demo it to any clubs that might benefit from it. Squadspot is the Best Membership Software to Streamline your Shooting Club Administration...
  2. Shotgun Clay Shooting (General)
    I am in the process of opening a shooting range and am a novice in the clay pigeon world to put it politely. I'm looking at purchasing two Atlas AT-250's for two trap fields (Throwing forward and away from you). We won't have the space for skeet (two throw houses throwing from side to side)...
  3. Shotgun Clay Shooting (General)
    I'm trying to help my mother-n-law liquidate her deceased husbands belonging. He had many interest Gun Smiting was one. I ran across a case of 90 Blue Rock White dome but all I can find info on are Orange and Yellow. It is missing one out of the case I'd like to sell for fare price to anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results