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  1. Shotguns - General
    I just purchases an old Loomis double bareled shotgun off of a friend. Its a no. 48, of which i can not find any information off of. Can anyone help??? Im looking for a value, how rare it may be, and a history lesson. It has some nice markings on it. Shouldnt be hard to identify if you know...
  2. Shotguns - General
    Hi all, picked up another addition at the fun show today, this is one I’ve been wanting for a long time; Stevens 311 model h in 12ga, 2 3/4 and 3” shells, serial b660197. Bores look good, snaps shut, it’s a very beefy and businesslike gun. When roughly were the h models made? Can I run buckshot...
  3. Shotgun ID & Value
    I just purchased a Renkin Brothers double barrel with a severally cracked stock at a consignment store was looking for any info/links that could help in identifying and assessing value
  4. 1912 Francotte 12 SxS.

    This is a beautiful hand made, scrolled and engraved Francotte boxlock, with 3rd bite lock up and Greener crossbolt. It has auto ejectors, auto safety, and ivory bead sight.
  5. Shotguns - General
    I have a Stevens model 335 s/s. The forearm does not snap into place. I disassembled the forearm and found the forearm spring spring was broken. I ordered one and I cannot figure out how to install it and get it to apply pressure to the spring. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how the...
1-5 of 5 Results