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  1. Fabarm Shotguns
    Hi Gents, I know this sounds like heresy, lubing the gas system to make cleaning easier, but I was shocked, shocked (Capt Louis Renaud Casablanca) when I read in a thread comment that Dr. Duk (super moderator with many Berettas and years of experience) said he lubed the gas system of all his...
  2. Shotgun Opinions
    Hi I'm looking for combo trap gun. There is the Fabarm elos allsort with unsingle trap barrel combo but the axis model has it too Wich is the best gub, Fabarm Elos N2 or Fabarm Axis. Axis look like more expensive. Elos is newer and better? Is there another better combo trap gun? (less than...
1-2 of 2 Results