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  1. Shotgun ID & Value
    This beautiful shotgun was grandfathered down to me recently and i Cant find any information or value for this beautiful Over Under 12 gauge.. please help??
  2. Shotguns - General
    So I ordered 2 of Berettas MobilChoke Victory Extended chokes for my ATI Cavalry 12 gauge shotgun. I went to install the chokes, the bottom barrel the choke screwed in without any effort by hand, however the top barrel the choke would only go about a 1-2 turns before it gets stuck. I tried to...
  3. Shotguns - General
    Hello, I have a question for anyone, I'm trying to find the best recoil reducer/pad (if they even are the same thing). I'm have a falcon recoil pad ($150) and am impressed with it but I would like a better one. Money isn't an issue so I would prefer high end tier ones as I hear these would be...
  4. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    I have a beretta xtrema 2 with a briley bolt release that is no longer releasing shells from the mag tube when fired. It seems like the shell stop is blocking rounds. To get them to release I have to pull the lever out, which makes the shell stop go flat and releases the shells. Doesn’t...
  5. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    Hello, I ran into some problems with my 930 after trying to shoot an opened shell at a range. The bolt never locks back. Also, no shells are being move from the magazine tube to the firing chamber. Has anyone else had these problems? What parts might be causing these issues?
1-5 of 5 Results