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  1. Shotgun ID & Value
    Trying to figure if I am in the ball park on the value of a couple of Remingtons. First one is an 1100 Standard (Big Ring) 20 gauge with 3 barrels, a skeet (ribbed) and full (ribbed) and modified (plain). The receiver has finish carry wear at the bottom of the receiver, wood and barrels are at...
  2. Shotguns - General
    I recently purchased a 3in Magnum Barrel for my Remington 1100 12 gauge magnum shotgun. I tried to purchase a “turkey choke” for the barrel. First I purchased the Carlson’s turkey choke that “fit most Remington shotguns” but that was way off as the thread count was different and the location of...
  3. Shotguns - General
    Newby here - my dad passed away, and I inherited what appears to be a 1986 Remington 1100 Special Purpose 12 gauge 3 inch magnum. The barrel is marked as "Full" on the side, but it has a choke in the barrel. I'm trying to determine if the choke was put in by a gunsmith or was it one of the...
  4. Bird Hunting
    Recently purchased a Remington 1100 with a 30"12ga 2/34 Barrel. I Want to use it for goose hunting. According to my researches so far I can shoot #2 steel even if the barrel is not steel proof. Is this true? What are my other options.
1-4 of 4 Results