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  1. Shotgun ID & Value
    Hi Everyone: I have come to be in possession of a Dumoulin & Cie Liege double barrel, S/N 38357. There are no hammers but there are two triggers and a lot of chrome (and rust). Looking at the barrels I think it may be a 16 gauge. There are many issues, some of which could be solved if I...
  2. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    I own a Model 37A and am repairing it, I got it in great condition I’m replacing the broken plastic forearm spacer with aluminum but something unexpected happened. A small metal part fell out that seems to be broken. I believe it is the Extractor Pin. I need help on how to replace it and to...
  3. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    I just acquired a 1950’s Stevens 311A 20 gauge. It’s in pretty good shape overall but one thing I am hoping to fix is that it is hard to keep all the way open to pull out and insert shells. The top lever is left of center a bit, but has good tension and it breaks open easily and locks up tight...
  4. Shotguns - General
    I know they're not expensive but this one has sentimental value to my dad and I'd love to find a way to replace the broken stock and cracked front hand guard. The model is: 52-SB311-TA Is there anywhere I can find or buy these parts online? If not, are there any existing models that might be...
  5. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    Hello, I ran into some problems with my 930 after trying to shoot an opened shell at a range. The bolt never locks back. Also, no shells are being move from the magazine tube to the firing chamber. Has anyone else had these problems? What parts might be causing these issues?
1-5 of 5 Results