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  1. Shotguns - General
    Hello to everyone! I'm bringing back a topic that has been discussed a lot. As you already know I want to know if it's any point on choosing a 3.5" gun over any 3" chamber gun. I've seen that a lot of folks are claiming that 3.5" shells are throwing"worse" patterns compared to 3" shells. Is that...
  2. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    Hey folks, I inherited browning A5 from my dad and I remembered back in the day it was fun to go out and shoot it. I recently cleaned it and took it out to try it out and seems to function very well and cycles great too except for one thing. After few rounds the bolt would lock back open and...
  3. Shotguns - General
    Shot in the dark but would anyone have a Remington model 105 cti ii semi auto shotgun for sale?
1-3 of 3 Results