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  1. Over/Under Shotguns Classifieds
    I purchased this 12ga Zoli Sport a couple years ago with the intention of returning to the competition circuit. Unfortunately health issues have kept me from doing this so I have no need for this beautiful Shotgun sitting in my safe. The sale includes the original hard case and everything that...
    $7,500 USD
  2. Shotguns - General
    Hello! I am very new to this world. I don't shoot myself, but my husband and many friends do. I am looking at possibly starting to make soft sided cases for multiple types of guns. I would love to hear what everyone's dream case would be: -Outer Materials -Inner materials -Storage options -Color...
  3. Shotgun ID & Value
    Hi All, I bought this shotgun at an estate sale this morning. I've tried to take as good pictures as I can. I'm looking for an ID and approximation of value as I am looking to sell the gun. Also any information on cleaning, or what could be done to the gun to increase it's value and what not to do.
  4. Shotguns - General
    I recently bought this shotgun used was dirty I broke down and cleaned it. It fires the rounds. But shotgun will not lock to rear , it did one time but will not now. 2nd problem once I load round in the tube it will not feed them into chamber I have to take gun apart to get the rounds out the...
  5. Shotguns - General
    Hello all, First post here. I have an old 1904 Ithaca double barrel shotgun and am looking for some information on ammo that can be used with it. It does not have Damascus barrels, it has the nitro fluid steel ones. I have checked RST and Polywad but they are always out of stock. What other...
  6. Shotguns - General
    Hello from Turkey I'm planning to buy a new shotgun. If you were stuck between Stoeger M3000 and Yıldız A71, which would you choose? What are the pros and cons of these two shotguns versus each other?
  7. Shotshell Reloading
    Hello y’all I am new to this form I have a question I have a CZ semi automatic shotgun and win at the trap club or sporting clay event. It will not cycle shotgun shells that shoot slower than 1350 fts. I have been buying the Winchester super dive load that shoots 1350 but they are getting hard...
  8. Shotgun ID & Value
    Ive came across this shotgun and have been trying to research this gun and the closest I seem to get is maybe a 1908 version or around that time frame. It has no other marking because its in pretty bad shape. The only marking is a set of numbers which I think is 506127. I tried taking a picture...
  9. Shotguns - General
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on which new shotgun I should buy. I have it narrowed down between two Mossberg 12 gauge pumps. The first is a vintage 500A Field gun with a 26 inch vent-ribbed barrel and modified choke and the other is a Maverick 88 Security version with the 18.5 inch...
  10. Shotguns - General
    My dad would always take my brother and I rabbit and squirrel hunting. Never have I hunted anything outside of that. I have a 12 gauge with a chambered for 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells. 28 inches accuchoke. I also have another barrel I was given to me years ago. Mossburg chambered for 2 3/4 and 3...
  11. Shotshell Reloading
    I am searching for a lot of used/spent 209 shotgun primers for a project I am wanting to make. I'm located in NC (28634). Please let me know if you have some and would be willing to ship them to me if I cover shipping costs. Thanks! -Brandon
  12. Shotgun ID & Value
    Im working to cleanup an antique shop find for a customer. Its a percussion shotgun with several unique features. The stock is a light wood, my guess is cypress from the grain. An elephant heat is carved into the underside behind the trigger guard. The hammer is the shape of a jaguar rearing on...
  13. Shotguns - General
    I have a Western Field Montgomery Ward & Co model 30, 20 Ga shotgun that I trying to find out the age of. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Shotgun ID & Value
    I acquired an old shotgun with no marks except a stamp with a j9 and possibly a small "T" in a circle. The barrel is 18.25 inches. It's a single shot break barrel. Any ideas? Please and thanks.
  15. Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration
    Hi all, I was sold an awesome Ithaca 37 Featherweight 20g, 2-3/4”, Full Choke for peanuts. It is not my main gain. Question: could I lengthen the forcing cone so I can shoot 3” shells out of it? A 3” loads / ejects just fine. Yes, I know to never shoot the wrong shell in a gun. Would like some...
  16. Shotgun ID & Value
    Hi, as I am quite new to the world of hunting and firearms I was wondering if someone more experienced could help me figure out roughly when a shotgun I acquired was made. It is a Belgian side-by-side, 12-gauge shotgun, by Pieper/Bayard, but that is about all I know about it. It is in an okay...
  17. Shotguns - General
    Hello, I have a question for anyone, I'm trying to find the best recoil reducer/pad (if they even are the same thing). I'm have a falcon recoil pad ($150) and am impressed with it but I would like a better one. Money isn't an issue so I would prefer high end tier ones as I hear these would be...
  18. Shotgun ID & Value
    I just purchased a Renkin Brothers double barrel with a severally cracked stock at a consignment store was looking for any info/links that could help in identifying and assessing value
  19. Shotguns - General
    Hello all, I recently acquired my great grandfathers farm shot gun. I was wondering if anyone could give me information as to the age. I attached 2 photos, one of the markings. the word champion appears below all other markings but the serial number contains no letters.
  20. German Shotguns
    First, I am a beginner. I accidentally run into this beauty and ... still thinking about her. I would need a shotgun 12/76 for hunting, like old tools. But I would need a shotgun with gun barrel that can use steel shots, not led shots. I have not found information about these marks ( picture 2...
1-20 of 31 Results