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  1. Shotguns - General
    So my dad bought Turkish made shotgun without telling me and I shot many birdshots and buckshots with it. but when I want to buy slugs from the shop owner who my dad bought the shotgun from he told me that this shotgun can not shoot slugs, I asked him why and he told me that it might damage the...
  2. Shotgun Slug Shooters
    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with the Challenger magnum rifled slugs loading in Quebec pictured below? From what I’ve read they use the Italian gualandi style projectile and are very well regarded in bear defense circles as they penetrate quite deeply...
  3. Shotgun Slug Shooters
    I recently was selected to go on a hunt on government land where they only select a few people a year however they are requiring me to use a shotgun with non toxic slugs. So my shotgun is going to be a remington 870 20ga smoothbore with a improved cylinder choke. I’m looking for recommendations...
1-3 of 3 Results