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  1. Sporting Clays
    As a new shooter the targets that really seem to get me are quartering targets from the left side. Not sure if its because my left eye becomes dominant over my left eye or what, but I always seem to miss a disproportionate amount of these.
  2. Shotgun Clay Shooting (General)
    I am in the process of opening a shooting range and am a novice in the clay pigeon world to put it politely. I'm looking at purchasing two Atlas AT-250's for two trap fields (Throwing forward and away from you). We won't have the space for skeet (two throw houses throwing from side to side)...
  3. Unofficial NSSA/NSCA
    Join the Texas Gun Ranch on Sunday, November 14th for our next NSCA Shoot! We'll have seven opportunities for you to place and earn some punches, so make sure you don't miss this one! Registration starts at 8am Shooting starts at 9am Last Cards in by 4pm SEVEN EVENTS: 100 Target Red Course...
1-3 of 3 Results