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  1. SxS's Classifieds
    Selling my Browning BSS. This gun was manufactured in 1983 and is a 12GA that shoots both 2.75 & 3" shells. This gun is absolutely pristine and looks to not have been shot much if at all. It has 26" Barrels, IC & M chokes & has the single selective trigger which allows you to choose which barrel...
    $2,250 USD
  2. Shotgun ID & Value
    Just picked this up at a local gun show and wondering what kind of ID I could get on it. All the numbers I see on this gun all match. I can take more specific photos if it would help, just let me know what you need. This is my first sxs shotgun, have wanted one forever and really liked the...
  3. Stoeger Shotguns
    I recently purchased a NIB Stoeger 12 gauge Longfowler at an estate auction. The shotgun was listed in the auction as a Longfowler, but I am wondering if it is not an Uplander. The receiver is stamped Longfowler, but the barrels are stamped Uplander. The factory box had no label on it when I...
  4. 1912 Francotte 12 SxS.

    This is a beautiful hand made, scrolled and engraved Francotte boxlock, with 3rd bite lock up and Greener crossbolt. It has auto ejectors, auto safety, and ivory bead sight.
  5. Shotgun Opinions
    I recently purchased an old British hammer gun via The previous owner claimed he had it looked at by a gunsmith and was told it was safe to shoot, and had put a box of modern 2¾ target load through it. I'm fairly ignorant on the topic but I do know if an older gun has not been...
  6. Shotgun ID & Value
    I’ve been posting on multiple forums in search of info on this old Sauer & Sohn SXS 16g. It’s in really good condition for an old weapon but I’m still in unsure of what year it was made, who made it, where it was made etc. If anyone can help me out with any info they have it would be greatly...
1-6 of 6 Results