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  1. Shotgun ID & Value
    Hi, I'm trying to identify and value this Suhl in order to sell it. Any help would be welcome. Things I have been able to deduce: Caliber: 16/70 Time of production: April 1971 Serial number: 556529 Things I havne't been able to find out, but which I need to sell it: Brand: Unkown. I only...
  2. Shotgun ID & Value
    I just purchased a Renkin Brothers double barrel with a severally cracked stock at a consignment store was looking for any info/links that could help in identifying and assessing value
  3. Shotgun ID & Value
    Can anyone help us understand exactly what we have here? It is a SxS Bertrand & Fils shotgun with incredible engravings. We were able to learn about the manufacturer and noted some of their pieces however we have been unable to locate one similar to this one in both condition and fine details...
1-3 of 3 Results