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  1. Shotguns - General
    Hello all, First post here. I have an old 1904 Ithaca double barrel shotgun and am looking for some information on ammo that can be used with it. It does not have Damascus barrels, it has the nitro fluid steel ones. I have checked RST and Polywad but they are always out of stock. What other...
  2. Shotgun ID & Value
    I acquired an old shotgun with no marks except a stamp with a j9 and possibly a small "T" in a circle. The barrel is 18.25 inches. It's a single shot break barrel. Any ideas? Please and thanks.
  3. Shotguns - General
    I bought these shells and I wondering if there worth anything or should I just shoot them. They are western 410 super x 3in 5 shot. In original box(I believe).
  4. Shotgun ID & Value
    This shotgun was my dads and I can't seem to find out who manufactured it or current value if any...any info on this is deeply appreciated
  5. Shotgun Opinions
    I recently purchased an old British hammer gun via The previous owner claimed he had it looked at by a gunsmith and was told it was safe to shoot, and had put a box of modern 2¾ target load through it. I'm fairly ignorant on the topic but I do know if an older gun has not been...
1-5 of 5 Results