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  1. Sporting Clays
    I was looking to get my barrels swinging a bit quicker, so I ordered Teague Titanium chokes to replace my existing stainless steel chokes. They’re less than half the weight! Hats off to teague for an incredibly quick turn around time of 2 weeks (built to order) and great pricing. These ran me...
  2. Yildiz Shotguns
    I have brand new Yildiz Sporting HPS 12 Gauge and I took it to the range today. I was shooting wobble and about 10%-15% of the time (intermittently), 2nd round would not fire. I had barrel selector set to lower barrel to fire first, I didn't try to change barrel selection in the middle of the...
  3. Yildiz Shotguns
    Has anyone ever attempted to swap barrels between any of the different Academy Yildiz models (within the same gauge, obviously)? Does anyone know if it's even possible? Does Yildiz offer replacement barrel sets for their Academy line? I know that they offer replacement sets for their higher...
1-3 of 3 Results