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Ever have to bend over and pick up 100 hulls? 250? 500?
The Texas Hull Picker solves a very common problem for today's clay shooter...having to pick up your hulls. With our device it's easier, faster and less painful on your back and legs.

-Won't hurt your back

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It's easy to use. Just align the wire spokes to the empty hull and push down. The hull will pop up into the bag. That's it. When the bag gets full just loosen the drawstring and dump. In our field tests the bag held approximately 50 hulls. In addition we picked up 2,000 hulls with no noticeable wear on the spokes or any other parts. We also made sure it worked great on grass or cement and with a variety of gauges (12ga, 16ga and 20ga. hulls).

-Holds 50 Hulls
-2,000 Hulls Tested
-Tested on 12ga,16ga and 20ga
-Works in grass or on cement

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